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  1. You wanted me to give examples of shows that I consider to be higher quality humor, which I didn't do because BBT is a sitcom and comparing it to shows that are not even in the same genre is kind of pointless. And as I mentioned in another post, I do consider Jim Parsons to be kind of a comedic genius, I enjoy most Sheldon scenes immensely, I just don't think it's enough to carry the whole show. If you insist, here's a handful of shows that I consider to be high level comedy, although none of them share genre with BBT. Parks and Recreation Orange is The New Black The office Shameless It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Scrubs
  2. Well it's not entirely lowbrow comedy, Jim Parsons is just brilliant. He's the entire reason I watch the show.
  3. Good job there, hope you didn't cheat
  4. Well, I accept what BBT is, and I have learned to enjoy it for what it is. Sitcom comedy is, and has always been, a simple form of comedy, designed to pull in as large a crowd as possible. I'm sorry if this comes as a surprise to you. If it was more intelligent and insightful, they would probably lose 80% of their viewers, no offense The sad reality is that most people are fucking stupid.
  5. I like the show in general, if you would notice, I've actually recently posted my 4th quiz about BBT, although noone has replied to it. But, let's talk honestly about the 'quality' of the show, it's a sitcom, and it has the quality of a sitcom, nothing more. 'Friends' was also incredibly popular but still shit, it's all about catering to the lowest common denominator. If you spoon feed low quality humor to people like sitcoms do, you're always going to get a large audience because everyone is able to follow whats going on. If you would notice, what BBT does and what all sitcoms do, is deliver a joke, and then 'explain' to the audience why that joke was funny to make sure everyone gets it.
  6. I love blurting out provocative statements, good for you that you kept your cool But I really do think she's kind of terrible at her job.
  7. Kaley Cuoco is barely able to perform the acting essentials, she should have been replaced years ago. Not a trace of talent.
  8. My fourth quiz for you guys, I really hope the questions are challenging enough, feedback is very welcome. Have fun :D BBT Quiz #4 - 10 Questions 1. In Sheldon's words, how wealthy are Raj's parents? (More than one correct answer) 2. Penny buys a book written by Leonard's mother for her psychology class, whats the book's title? 3. What item does Raj offer Sheldon in return for a second date with the two girls they met at the university mixer? 4. When Leonard and Sheldon are invited to speak at UC Berkeley, they take a detour to try and meet one of their idols. Who? 5. What movie does Amy ruin for Sheldon and the guys? 6. How is Penny at singing? 7. What online role playing game becomes Pennys addiction? 8. What species of bird outside the apartment window drives Sheldon crazy? 9. What does Sheldon use as positive reinforcement in his attempt to alter Penny's annoying habits? 10. Who ends up with the stolen 'Lord of The Rings' ring?
  9. Okay, whatever. The point was that there is a huge plot change planned. Thats exiting :D
  10. So I read this article http://wallstcheatsheet.com/entertainment/big-bang-theory-to-undergo-big-plot-change-in-season-8.html/?utm_source=zergnet.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=zergnet_225987 Apparently, theres a huge plot change coming in Season 8, Chuck Lorre confirms that Penny gives up her acting career. Wonder what else will happen :-D
  11. Sheldon still has no interest in getting psysical at all, and I think it would ruin the great character we all love if they did. Sheldon is already heading in the wrong direction, becoming alittle more social aware in the later seasons and I disagree with that. He's the only reason I watch the show. The other characters on the show are nothing special and could easily be replaced. I was actually shocked to hear about those very high salaries, since in my opinion, Parsons is the only one doing any real acting.
  12. capm


    I wasnt. I was comparing her to people in real life, myself, people I meet, people I know, and so on. She really is so stupid.
  13. capm


    It has been confirmed on many occations that Penny is kind of stupid, for example in the scene with Professor Proton where she can't believe he can power a clock with a potato. The whole idea with the Penny character is clearly that she is a stupid blonde.
  14. capm

    Amy's Virginity?

    She states that she has "never even been with a man" in episode 14 season 7.
  15. capm


    First of all, you know they dated in real life right? Second, why wouldn't she go out with Leonard? Shes stupid, has no talent whatsoever, and is only mildly attractive. She would be lucky to be with a genious.
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