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  1. If I were a writer on the show I would start making phone calls to famous scientist's and sci-fi actors. Then make Penny related to whoever agreed to it! Patric Stewart would be my my first choose but you can see where I am going with this....
  2. I like the way you think! !
  3. chip


    I do like her on the show, her role needs help it seems a bit forced a bit unnatural. I think they should show her with her hair down more often the ones they did was just funny. The few true nerds I have known over the years when they "cut loose" did in a big way. One of the smartest nerdiest guy I ever meet came up with the slickest way to install huge very heavy Air handler compressors in a building that we could not get a crane into. these things were 40 foot long 10 foot wide way to big for our two heavy lift fork lifts. His Idea dry ice formed in blocks we just pushed all four compressors in place over the bolt down spots. a slot was formed in the dry ice to fit over the bolt wait for the dry ice to melt then bolt it down. In short genus , and at a cost of four Million bucks apiece and normal way of installing took a month we did it it in a day. BIG payday..... it is not often I have got a bonus that big so we had to drag Lester to our local strip club and celebrate. Lester had never had a drink before in his life or been to any place like this ever. He sure made up for last time fast. That night is still legion cops were called fire department its a good thing I stopped early just so I could bail everyone out. And the last thing I heard Lester is still married to the striper and they have six kids..... Chip
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