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  1. Gablehauser, don't be ridiculous, President Siebert and Sheldon are the couple for me, oh the whimsy those touching moments of fundraising...though I think that was Leonard's zenith as a character. I too thought the laundry room scene trite, the writers obviously jeering at the concept of Peldonia. Come on you zany knuckleheads let it all out! I know that the indigenous locals here are utterly surreal and that's how I like you;-)
  2. The entire season is meh for me, I don't really laugh anymore and neither does my Lenny friend, she doesn't find Amy funny either and Mayim is a wonderful comedian. The one semi-bright moment was Thanksgiving but even then it didn't have the wit of last year when Mrs. Wolowitz practically imprisoned Raj.
  3. it's been ages since I've been here, just so rather 'meh' about the show, what happened to the zany fun that had me laughing out loud, hard? I think the last time it occurred was last spring when Mrs. Wolowitz imprisoned Raj, delicious, I literally roared and my stomach hurt. I want Penny to beat Sheldon at games, I want Mrs. Wolowitz to get her son back or at least have another shot at Raj, and where are his parents, how I miss them. The only amusing thing left of the show is this thread which I'm happy to see maintains it's irreverent zeitgeist. Kudos and Io Saturnalia!
  4. A very good episode, I laughed aloud; ah Beverly if we could only have more of you, it was almost like old times. Penny & manipulative Leonard were right on, Raj & Stuart were brilliant, giving the show its lonely nerds roots. Amy was great, they're writing her like season 4 Amy, not last year's creepy freak. I loved her sucking the joy out of Sheldon's world while he plotted revenge; his classic line " Pride and Prejudice is a masterpiece", the meh was Bernadette and Howard, I miss old creepy Howard & his mon the only Mrs. Wolowitz;-)
  5. Now let's get to the important issue: Leonard is sadly went to inferior Princeton, Howard to that detestable trade school MIT, Amy of course to the ever superior Harvard, but what about our hero? I simply cannot imagine Sheldon went to Yale; how second rate. So where does that leave us? Stanford *shudder* perhaps he went to Trinity College, Cambridge. Ah the essential mystery.
  6. gods spare me; If you actually ever visited our 'shipper's thread' you'd see that it's a haven for zany, surreal and intellectual fun. None of us there take it seriously! I enjoyed this episode greatly. I enjoyed how all the characters were portrayed and how those of us who care for the nerdy-intellectual content were made replete. That's my principal interest.
  7. Delightful episode; thank you writers! I just loved the scavenger premise and the Princeton bashing (of course it's an inferior institution) and finding out Amy went to Harvard. Frankly I thought she and Howard stole the show, they were utterly delightful in the car blissfully singing to Neil Diamond & the karaoke, I was laughing out loud (thank you). They have wonderful chemistry. Sheldon was obsessive, loved the bowling ball, classic Penny, Stuart wonderfully doleful, Leonard semi-pathetic, Raj amusing A true nerdfest, back to the show's roots. The clues were intellectual and witty, I was given everything as a longtime lover of seasons 1-3 that I could have asked for. Bernadette was meh, I could live without the character entirely.
  8. gaqo; I'd heard of the Aronofsky film now I want to see it, love the gifs. The art and life discussion fits right into my interest in yogacara philosophy: 'that all phenomenal existance is fabricated by consciouness.' I'm glad you like my suggestion of the Coens and had no idea about Ethan, makes it even better. Cher Count Wally; you called a plague upon me! That's the 2nd best insult I've received and I shall treasure it; the first and best haughtily noted my incorrect apodosis. The story is indeed all mine but I'm a Latin student and I was helped by a grad student and my co-writer a senior lecturer in Latin so I cannot claim intellectual superiority. We could weigh our brains and compare. T'would be amusing to while away a lengthy afternoon.
  9. Hehe your dog will like it Thing of Beauty, Shep actually there is a big movement to speak Latin and that's why I wrote it. I was at a Latin convention of high school students, gave them out & the students were really excited, which was tons of fun. I could easily write a modern story, no problem, we've all the neologisms: computator, interretialis, telephonum mobile.I'm going to write another one and give your Latin a workout;-) thanks for the two thumbs up:)
  10. Berliner; I'm in total agreement, too much romcom, & I hope to gods they hired their scientist advisor back, they could have made some funny jokes at the post-doc mixer but nothing. Remember the classic Flatland with Sheldon and Martha *sigh*. Anyway I found Howard and Raj feeling each other utterly hilarious, it was the only moment during the two shows that I laughed aloud. Last season had a disappointing few shows and then the fall was very funny, so I am trying to be hopeful.
  11. Dead directors could be re-animated in a Halloween show involving Sheldon as Dr. Victor mwhahaha! It's alive... Gaqo hmm how about the Coen brothers ?
  12. I think it's fun too and your last quote is spot on for those who reside in this forum. But then as our favourite lad says: " Well, the Germans have always been a comforting people." And as a tribute to the new season, I've written and posted a fanfiction here
  13. Okay as a fan of the show I just couldn't resist. This is imho stellar nerdiness. A one shot fanfic in Latin to warm all our geeky hearts http://archiveofourown.org/works/982920
  14. Just click to this at the office if taken unawares: http://www.acmuller.net/yogacara/articles/buddhist_steps.html#div-I their brain will crack... And then quote below: I guarantee people will flee...muahahaha! There is no such thing as the subject that thinks or entertains ideas. — Ludwig Wittgenstein
  15. I'd actually dearly love for Amy to make over Penny as a nerd, I think it would be funny & delightful. She could go to the comic book store and everywhere, I bet she'd find it liberating....& she'd have the lonesome nerds chasing her down the street!
  16. the Kraken; who doesn't love a Kraken. Okay I'll provisionally watch....I started this thread as it was impossible to have just a fun discussion in the other threads about shenny. Everyone is way to serious for my taste. Hmm, I go for Luis Bunuel or Fellini. Maybe Fellini's "Sheligula" Sheldon in ancient Rome, think of the fun times, we could feed Leonard to the lions, Amy could tame muscular gladiators, and Penny would finally find the sandals of her dreams.... Anyway I'm still hoping those 2 crazy kids find love; Howard & Raj.
  17. okay you've totally cheered me up this forum is officially the most intellectual and deliciously surreal. I too just want them to bring Sheldon Prime back, not the hormone-ridden doppelganger. I'm leaning to watching the premiere....
  18. Okay now I'm getting cheered up for Season 7 when they've unleased the Kraken! Love that line Chiara, who doesn't adore Penny & Beverly crushing Leonard.
  19. I totally agree with Leonard/Amy and Leonard/Stephanie, she was so needy that it was believable. But with a mother like Beverly Leonard is drawn to a strong dominating woman and that would be Amy. I'd think it could be funny to see Beverly and Sheldon but then they're too alike, sex would be glacial and romance verboten. Maybe Beverly and Raj, his mother is quite powerful. I'm open to different ideas multiple ships, no problem!
  20. that was hysterical and the kind of witty exchange I miss...
  21. Yes, bullies are really insecure cowards, I loathe that kind of behaviour. You'll see it here a lot for the few Shenny shippers left (myself), I had to wrest a protected thread which is frankly absurd but the others all fled to livejournal. It's utterly pathetic. But yes if you say you like S/P they'll reply 'canon' 'no, never' etc And really it's a tv show so relax, but I think as you say that people identify a bit too much with the characters and are overly tied to their fictional futures.
  22. well stated BangerMain, actually now I'm hoping that the writers will build on this by having Leonard come back either with a girl or admit to an affair confirming all Penny's fears and freeing the characters for season 7. If Raj and Howard ever admitted to their total bromance that would not only be fun but live up to the intense foreshadowing. Where is Beverly when we need her;-)
  23. A problem with foreshadowing is that tv writers unlike novel writers, may abandon the entire idea. A good example is season 4 Amy when she finds herself sexually attracted to the ape-like Zack. The show is very funny and at the very end Amy takes Sheldon's hand in hers, drops it and says something like 'nothing'. She doesn't feel the electric zing with him that she had previously with Zach. That's foreshadowing that Amy and Sheldon will have no romantic connection but then season 5 the writers dropped the entire idea to create Frankenstein's monster of the shamy. An example of the writers playing with an wink and a nod, is a season 6 winter episode but I don't want to spoil it, it's when Amy is sick. Watch that and tell me what you think gaqo et al.
  24. @gaqo; Ah the long-awaited i love you; but what kind of shoes? Wing tips, wedgies? Really though, it doesn't matter. Even if you wore sandals with short socks it would be more exciting than P's declaration. Let's face it L/P are the y-fronts of relationships; serviceable and in need of replacing. Martha at least was different, more like the girls I know and date. Grads school girls are wonderfully geeky, they knit and play cribbage (and know all about Flatland, the fun never stops). Good old Romona,she was deliciously crazy, why don't they bring her back? Instead it's normal Alex, dull, dull, dull, or Amy who yearns to settle down and mold our intrepid hero into a suburban soccer dad...
  25. Hmm maybe Penny will be over at the apartment bringing thai food, annoying Sheldon and he'll have a revelation, and solve some amazing problem and they'll watch Battlestar Galatica reruns until Penny dresses like Starbuck....
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