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  1. Exactly, yeah I loved when they said Sheldon was one lab accident away from being a super villian. What happened to that, what happened to Homo Novus and all that good nerdy stuff. Gone with the wind. I barely watch anymore....*sigh*
  2. Monique; many thanks for the taping report. I love Bob Newhart, but urgh H/B and talk of babies the end is nigh.....
  3. Actually I enjoyed Season 4 Amy, independent, brilliant, irritating, uncaring of what others thought. Now that was breaking stereotypes and gender boundaries. As I've said, current TBBT writers sadly reinforce stereotypes not the opposite. Season 6 Amy is indeed,a fantasy; the plain girl who gets the Alpha guy (in this case the most alpha nerd) but who puts up with anything just to keep him. I think it says reams about the Shamy fans that they find this a romantic couple to root for,but how many plain girls get alpha guys stories are there on tv? Penny is the modern trophy: the top model, the playboy bunny, the Kardashian who is coveted by all. She has the power as Leonard is considered lucky to get a beautiful girl 'outside his league.' Gender stereotypes are binary, that's their problem and that is what I dislike so much.
  4. While I agree about the statistical sample, I will say that gender roles exist and it's foolish to deny them, but I don't agree that it's biological rather a product of traditional patriarchal culture (and it's imprisoning for men as well). Women are brought up and conditioned into gender roles: marriage, not being 'aggressive', deferring to men socially etc whether it's China or North America, India or South America, I mean how many men like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty or the Shamy? My male friends adore James Bond, Star Trek etc. and most males in this forum like the Lenny, which is a popular male fantasy: the plain guy gets the gorgeous young nubile women - the trophy. Most movies and television reinforces this boring stereotype. I'd say the exception is Joss Whedon who has active women and men released from boring gender roles.
  5. emos, hysterical; you're funnier than the show now
  6. I entirely agree and I'm female, I loathe the sappiness of the show this spring season. ugh! I don't even make a point of watching anymore...
  7. Exactly, didn't enjoy the episode at all, was more sentimental Friends than anything, the entire spring season has been bad, really unlike the fall/winter where the writers made sure to use the classic and funny TBBT formula. I don't know what they're doing now though...bleah
  8. I agree wholeheartedly; Penny was much better without being forced into the threesome, there are no touching Sheldon-Penny scenes or fighting scenes, or her giving the poor nerds social advice. All gone & Bernadette who is entirely tiresome with her screechy voice is filling the role. I just wish she'd run off with Glen
  9. The princess thing creeped me out entirely; you do realize that the subliminal message is one of female passivity, that Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella are all waiting to be 'rescued' from their situation by the prince. At least Hansel and Gretel together killed the witch; give me Grimm any day over Disney.
  10. This entire episode was too tiresome to watch; nothing even faintly amusing and I wanted to laugh. The Raj Lucy thing is meh, she's a web designer and it's prom dresses? How boring is that. Frankly the entire spring season has been dull,dull, dull as opposed to the sparkling fall & winter. What's with the writers? Feh, someone needs a holiday.
  11. Ar Diem ; hmm, I'm too snarky to answer questions like that nicely lol. I forgot to add, in response to those unicorn lovers who say ' X is never funny; you can't make jokes about it." My response is Hogan's Heroes if you can make an hysterical sitcom about Nazis and a concentration camp (and Robert Clery was in one...amazing) there are no sacred cows. There should never be for humour.
  12. I just saw this thread; I have one word - bring back Glen! Glen, mighty tall & handsome. Have Bernadette run away with Glen & then lonely Howard the divorce must get back on the dating horse. I think that would be hysterical but these ghastly writers have turned the show into utter romcom slop... And I totally agree Sheldon would ship Sheldon, but I would love to see him get some action with Leonard's mom, that would be poignant and Freudian and Leonard would combust. I barely watch the show now it's so deadly dull...
  13. In the fall-winter I thought with the Raj episode that they were building up to Amy wanting sex, Sheldon resisting and having her dump him (not forever). Doug and I discussed this as it would parallel Penny-Leonard, with Leonard dumping Penny for Alex. Then Doug said with the problems with 2 1/2 Men the writers might avoid all that and stick to safety. And I think that's the case so far, which is why it's so bumpy as the writers are really making it up as they go along; it's totally incoherent as you've all pointed out so well. Doug thought that Alex might be kept for the season finale, and I think that's the case as she's still in the show but really serves no purpose in the episodes. I have no clue what Sheldon-Amy will do...
  14. @Justin Wow I'm gay, a lesbian actually, and the show never makes mean-spirited gay jokes. Amy's attraction to Penny was more an adolescent girl crush than anything, if you want to give it a label it's bisexual as lesbians are not attracted to men and Amy was to Zack, Sheldon and supposed males in the club. And FYI, having a same-sex attraction is natural, meaning it's found in nature (all the time and yes humans are animals). If your religious views don't approve, fine, keep it to yourself and don't go and have sex with a man.
  15. Doug and I thought they'd break up both couples, then next year I assumed Penny & Sheldon could console each other (as friends) which would work and be comedic as they play so well together. They could spy on the others do all kinds of fun things. IAs for the Shamyites; guess they could kill Amy as long as Sheldon is on his romantic arc then, weird!
  16. Oh gosh the point I'm trying to make is that plain people deserve happiness and normal relationships just like the Pennys and Bernadettes of this world. They don't need to settle for Sheldon's nasty leavings. Why can't Lucy be a happy nerdy girl? Hollywood puts a very twisted emphasis on female beauty vs male regular looks . Males are permitted to be plain like Leonard and get the pretty girl, but not visa versa. Ar Diem is a guy and thinks Sheldon treats Amy terribly, I'm a gay girl and feel the same way (and Sheldon was my favourite character) It shocks me that most of the straight women here think the Shamy is just fine and make excuses for Sheldon's uncaring selfishness.
  17. Um Penny and Bernadette have boyfriends/husbands who take them out for Valentine's day, have sex with them, give them compliments, give them gifts (Howard gave B a star), want to live with them and marry them. Oh I'll agree that Sheldon and Amy are in a relationship; it's called D/s with a side of masochism on Amy's part.
  18. I mentioned Lucy and Amy being plain as it's very Hollywood that the good looking girls: Penny and Bernadette have happy relationships and are certainly in charge of them whereas the less beautiful are damaged or unhappy (Amy just said 'I want a normal boyfriend') FYI this isn't an Amy thread it's the show thread. I never post in Shamy threads as it's unkind to ruin people's enjoyment of the ship. But if you call a 2 year platonic friendship a 'relationship' that's extremely sad. Thought the skyping and the monkeys were hilarious. I wish they'd bring back Dr & Mrs Koothrapallis, love them!
  19. I'd hoped Lucy would be a nerdy culture girl who likes comics, Star Trek etc..Now she's plain (totally fine) and damaged. Can't nerdy girls be utterly okay. Do they have to be needy doormats like Amy or messes like this new girl. Though I have to say the highlight of the show was Raj in his briefs eating lobster, utterly hysterical, still laughing at the thought, especially him running down the street in his Uggs. Sublime.
  20. I agree, that person said Amy was just a construct to make Sheldon grow, if I remember correctly. And when I said Amy had no core, all the shamyites rallied to disagree but she has no internal consistency, that's why it's basically impossible to predict anymore what will happen to the characters, they change so much, the writers really just kind of are making it up as they go along. I think Doug was right in predicting that due to the trouble with Two and a Half Men, they would keep TBBT in stasis. This is sweeps isn't it? And nothing major is happening.
  21. At this point i don't know if Sursonica is kidding or serious. The Shamy is becoming rather like a cult with cultspeak.
  22. Well to be fair he's been a friend longer than a boyfriend, (if that) but he and Penny have done things that they both like. Sheldon and Amy don't seem to have anything in common & you cannot say 'science' which is absurdly broad and as Sheldon says he isn't interested in Biology. I thought they might use Raj as a potential rival to Sheldon, showing her a nerd who can fulfill her romantic and normal desires. But it doesn't seem that way. Anyway as a poster who went to Caltech pointed out, with a ratio of 7men to evey woman, Amy could hang out there and find herself a new boyfriend (kripke even) and push Sheldon's buttons. On another note; has anyone noticed Sheldon's new expression, it's quite serious and deadpan.
  23. I'm so with you, I'd be happy if we got the old Shenny friendship vibe back as it made great comedy. Remember 'the starry night in Greece' so many great episodes. I just saw the so-called Shenny episode and didn't fine much of the old magic. A bit when Sheldon told Penny to spread her legs during 'Fun with Flags' and then when they just started to argue about whether to attend the play. But otherwise 'meh'. JP has a new expression for Sheldon it's serious and very deadpan, Maybe this is his response to portray new Sheldon; I hate him...
  24. The Shamy really do have a Dominant/submissive vibe going on...if you accept that premise then it's easy to sexualize Sheldon, as some people really need the full 9 yards of roleplay to turn their libido on. He needs to play the dominant fully to flip his switch. Sheldon isn't asexual (he talked in the Amy/Zach episode of sexual desire as a cross 'we all must bear'). Put Amy in the Princess Leia slave girl metal bikini or dress her as Gailia the Orion slave girl or they could even do Severus Snape and Hermione Granger, let Sheldon roleplay her Master and actually it could be great.
  25. That's very clever Moonbase and I'd love a season 4 type Amy, nice and judgemental and a pain getting the royal pass from Sheldon who inflicts his girlfriend, who can do no wrong on his friends. Frankly the only possible ways to see the current Shamy in a positive light is if they are into December's spanking storyline with Sheldon being the Dominant and Amy the submissive, cause then you could understand that serving is what gives her pleasure. Otherwise you don't see a spark of attraction, it's like platonic friends.
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