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  1. He probably means that trains are a common phallic symbol..... (though I could be wrong). Frankly I feel kind of depressed at the Leonardization of Sheldon.
  2. Dale, super, he's hysterical....I'm with you Spook!
  3. Actually in a previous post I detailed all the genuine geeky interests that Penny has; that came from her relationship to her neighbors not from being with Leonard. Penny was never into comics, she likes gaming similar to Wil Wheaton. The point of the episode is the boys felt foolish and then their girlfriends validated their 'childish' pursuits. Sad. As for the women, none of those on the show had geeky interests: Leslie WInkle was just mean, played the cello, Dr. Plimpton was a nymphomaniac. Penny as the normal average girl developing geeky interests was funny. Bernadette and Amy have none, even their apartments are boring. As for representing all the girls, this show is about smart people with geeky interests women have them too & it's sad they aren't included. So Pomita what are your geeky interests? I'll tell you mine: Star Trek (I have my Klingon Dictionary), sci-fi tv & movies, Harry Potter, re-enacting (like Larp), a bit of gaming.
  4. The Bakersfield episode was oh so disappointing; it felt like the Wil Wheaton/LeVar Burton episode. Get the Trek fans excited and then make them miserable. I don't understand the thinking behind it. Sheldon ready to give up, one of his greatest qualities is not giving a damn what the average person thinks. I found that deeply depressing. Are they planning on turning him into a mediocrity? As for the women, Doug and I've said this before - that was just plain insulting. There are real girls with genuine geeky interests, doing this 'cause your boyfriends like it is pathetic and sexist. Ugh....I'm thinking about drifting to cable, they write a better class of female character.
  5. Thank you Tripper, I and others want to enjoy this thread!
  6. Europa; do you know any girls with geeky/nerdy cultural interests? I know many who are devoted to anime & manga and they don't have those kind of arguments. That's the way guys argue not women...and that's why it annoyed me. But I agree about friendly discussions:)
  7. Just saw it. Overall not funny though I did have 2 really big laughs: Leonard taking the photo of Penny holding the newspaper & the carjackers - hysterical. Loved Raj as a Klingon and Sheldon does look pretty and young with long hair and make-up. Why write an episode about nerds who love Cons and then punishing them. What's the point; TBBT is about reaffirming differences & enjoying it. The diner scene was depressing, Sheldon putting away childish things because he's 'maturing.' I hope not. As for the girls, insulting and pathetic. I wish they'd developed girls with genuine nerd culture interests. I did enjoy the comic book store, Stuart was funny but then the entire Thor's hammer argument was dull and stilted.
  8. Totally agree, we don't know until it's done. I certainly can see the Lenny, it's funny, it works, but yes that will mean more misunderstandings and break-ups until the end of the show, which is dull and trite. they certainly won't have them marry. They are changing Sheldon a lot this year; how much is too much. I rather love homo novus....
  9. okay, Spook that makes more sense...!
  10. well then I misunderstood. I'll have to see the show then....but this is about something.
  11. Wow I'm very very surprised. Not really by the Shamy (I don't watch for the ship) but if this goes through it's a massive change in Sheldon who has always defined himself by his superior intellect and is driven to win the Nobel. That he would take a back seat intellectually to Kripke due to being in a relationship which diverts and weakens his focus seems entirely OCC. But hey this is a tv sitcom and the writers can do as they wish.This is sweeps and leading to something, very interesting!
  12. TMP Annieogly, I love your avatar. Danica McKellar is a hero of mine. (I also have a master's degree in math.) She has done a lot of work encouraging girls to pursue math and science careers. Both of you thank you!Finally some posters appreciate my avatar which makes me uber happy As I admire Danica McKellar so much and that's very cool of you tmp to have an MA in math. I wish I'd done my undergrad work in that field, as I was encouraged. I'm definitely the Martha type, humanities-loving geeky glasses-wearing femalel. EirwinRommel (great soldier) Yes, I agree these two made good matches for both fellows and pairing Sheldon with someone not in the sciences would make for some fun and I'd love to see a real mathematician on the show....these girls were shown to have nerdy interests which would have made them good additions, I'd have preferred that to what we have now.
  13. Totally, are you wearing your Jack Sparrow hat Monique? & good luck!!
  14. I admit; Kripke is tewiffic! Oh I haven't gotten over when they played basketball for Prof. Rothman's office, that episode was hysterical. Judging by the way they're sticking to the season 1-3 formula, I'd say that's it'll be classic Sheldon vs. Kripke. Yay.
  15. until the show is officially over no one knows what will happen. But please be respectful of this thread. There is another thread Sheldon Penny Maybe where you can discuss how impossible it is to your heart's content. Doug and I enjoy this ship, discuss ways it can happen, he's very good on tv writing and my forte is novels and classic hollywood. I'm trying to get the other Shenny shippers here. And anyone else is welcome who wants to have a positive fun discussion.
  16. Please everyone, I've reported the troll; do not feed it. I appreciate your posts and am glad to have a fun discussion anytime.
  17. If not for Howard and Raj, Sheldon would never have met Amy. Sheldon did correspond, meet and regarded Dr. Plimpton as a friend. So we can say that Sheldon meeting Amy was solely due to circumstance but he did maintain the friendship. In The Spaghetti Catalyst Penny and Leonard break up and Sheldon secretly maintains his friendship with Penny. This is in season 3. That's a friendship of choice; she enters their shower in the first episode as a neighbor she is neither Leonard's friend nor girlfriend. Now I agree Sheldon said those words,in Season 6 he's also previously insulted her and called her a 'gorilla' and and many other insulting things. So why would Sheldon from season 3 maintain his friendship with someone who is uneducated and whom he insults? That's classic; the fighting couple who are ultimately attracted to one another and goes right back to Shakespeare, as Doug said the opposite of love is indifference. Sheldon is oblivious to Amy's sexuality not Penny's.
  18. I pointed out that Penny and Sheldon share common interests: like gaming, comic and star trek culture, bowling, paint ball etc; the glue that makes for a happy couple. But they are opposites. Penny is a kind generous, sensitive, unanalytical extrovert; Sheldon the opposite. Makes for balance. To make it short: she's heart, he's head. That's why it's a classic movie couple. Amy on the other hand is an analytical introvert, like Sheldon, who (unlike Sheldon) yearns for marriage, and wishes to integrate and be accepted by mainstream culture/society - things Sheldon's despises. Notice that Sheldon's only friend from choice (not from circumstance like Leonard, the roommate, and Howard & Raj, Leonard's friends) is Wil Wheaton an actor and gamer. Ergo Penny...
  19. Here this might be helpful; remember from The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis Dr. David Underhill the handsome McArthur grant, motorcycle-riding physicist that Penny dates. Do you consider him a nerd? No he's a smart handsome guy with a social life and cool hobbies. That wouldn't make for a funny sitcom; cool smart people. Or even uncool smart people trying to join the cool set. They'd just be pathetic. What makes TBBT so great is that it celebrates uncool nerd culture. As Doug says Hollywood considers any plain smart girl or a girl with glasses a nerd. A real world nerd is Penny or Alice the girl who drew her own comic books that Leonard met at the comic book store. I know plenty of girls into anime and manga.
  20. I thought the androgynous and bee-stung lips remark was a hoot; as that describes Jim Parsons to a T. Just the writers having a bit of fun. Shel-Al is genius; I'd ship them just for the name.
  21. They aren't finished with Alex yet, she has yet to complete the story arc. I was thinkig sweeps week, Doug thinks final cliffhanger.
  22. The show is about nerdy guys and their nerdy interests. Just because you are a scientist doesn't make you a nerd; Bernadette isn't the least bit nerdy; she is pretty, sociable and had a handsome boyfriend (Glen). She has nil nerdy interests. Amy is scientist but isn't a nerd either. She enjoys; going to the mall with her girlfriends, wearing pretty Victoria's Secret underwear, her boyfriend and showing him off to her relatives, putting on make-up, waxing and high-heel shoes, being intimate with her boyfriend, being with the 'cool girls'. Amy doesn't like Star Trek, she insulted both Wil Wheaton & LeVar Burton & suggested to Sheldon that as 'punishment' she not go to the summer premiere of the new Star Trek film . She knows about Star Trek & put on the uniform to please her boyfriend. She plays Fun with Flags and Counterfactuals, she says Dragons & Dungeons sounds fun to please her boyfriend. She never initiates any of this. She doesn't enjoy comics, gaming, paintball, bowling, cosplay or Cons. The one time Amy suggested a game that she repeatedly plays and enjoys is: Twister. Utterly normal and banal. Penny, on the other hand, took up playing Halo, before she went out with Leonard & enjoys it. She joined the guys bowling team and is good at it. She's a great shot at paintball. She also started playing Age of Conan with Sheldon and enjoys it; her interest has zero to do with Leonard and pleasing him. So Penny is a gamer. There is another gamer nerd on the show: Wil Wheaton, who also happens to be an actor. Stuart is an art school graduate and is a nerd. Actors, artists etc can be nerds. As to Penny's Superman and Star Trek references, actually it shows that you are part of that culture, by referencing it. So Penny also is actively interested in Star Trek and Batman/comics, she's a gamer, likes bowling and is good at paintball and pictionary. I finally understood why so many fans objected to the new women on the show; it wasn't women per se, but that, except for Penny, they aren't engaged in geek/nerd culture. They represent the boring forces of normality and repression. The writers are at fault they need to hire geeky girls or at least read The Mary Sue http://www.themarysue.com/ Finally Penny has nerdy interests but she doesn't do them with Leonard; they argue and have sex. Amy actively despises Sheldon's pastimes and friends. Not a recipe for happiness. But we'll see....
  23. Hmm last show, Egg Salad Equivalency there is the : no I'd never cheat on you...so Doug I guess this is the lead to sweeps with the L/P break-up. Everything else looked to me like an attempt to keep the new viewers from syndication: classic games, trivia, even old Howard. I think the female scenes: girls night/council of ladies are taking the place of the old Penny-Sheldon interaction and it doesn't work. They've never, with the exception of Penny, incorporated the women into the group...B & Amy don't have nerdy interests -what's the point.
  24. Funny, Dr. Einstein von Brainstorm was brilliant, loved that. Loved old Howard and the robot; they really need to kill off Bernadette or have her just dump him. Miss Howard's mom..too much time is being given to the ladies' night/girls' scenes which are just tiresome. Finally looks like the Penny-Leonard break-up for sweeps. Penny did look hot in those black glasses & Sheldon's getting to old-looking for those t-shirts.
  25. @Ar Diem It still leaves the problem that she has no reason to desire him though. good question, but the answer is - Penny has a father fixation and Sheldon fits the bill. As Doug pointed out; they both have the same background. Sheldon has grown up in the hardscrabble, shooting, farming country. Plus he's the successful alpha male. Penny is more like his mother and Meemaw than either of the other females on the show. And yes men do marry their mothers....id is more powerful than the super-ego.. @Doug thanks I had no clue; I was wondering as Amy slow? They've gone from booty calls, phone sex, flashing, bdsm...I don't know what's left for the writers to come up with. I agree about the two episodes. This season look how delightful The Re-Entry Minimization Sheldon-Penny's game night was. So much charisma, witty dialogue;pure comedic gold. I wonder what they are saving it for...
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