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  1. If they're like me it's because not only do we love the show (not loving it so much right now), but we love(d) Sheldon and Amy changed him. Some people don't think he has changed much, but some of us think he has, too much. I don't actually hate Amy. I've enjoyed some of her moments. It's more of a resentment towards the character. And I don't hate Mayim. I actually like her stance on the Sheldon/Amy relationship when she talks about it. I just don't like the relationship itself, or the idea of Sheldon being in one. To be honest, it's sometimes as if Amy's fans don't even like her th
  2. I love it. I think I started watching TBBT towards the end of last year and I don't see myself ever getting tired of the theme song. It gets me excited for the show and it's so catchy, I sometimes sing along (I've learned every word). I also have the closing theme as my alarm and ringtone.
  3. I agree with you, BazingaFan. I rewatched the episode again today and I don't know where the actress is from but her accent seemed forced and unconvincing. I actually liked the idea too and still enjoyed the episode but the acting of Sheldon's sister was definitely the weakest point.
  4. I imagine Sheldon didn't let Raj get his own way and therefore Raj ended up having to drive with Leonard shotgun. Leonard could have drove but I think Sheldon would then take shotgun over Raj. Either way, I don't think Raj got shotgun
  5. Well South Africa did have the unbearable vuvuzela. I think England's generally accepted target is to reach the quarter finals of the major tournaments because that's what the fans are used to. We don't usually progress any further. But I think we should not only reach the quarter final (as we have done) but also make sure we are competitive in the match and aren't just brushed aside easily. Then I would be happy with our effort. At the moment I'm satisfied and I just want us to give the Italians a good game and see what happens. I'm looking forward to it.
  6. I was hoping Howard and Bernadette's marriage wouldn't be the main focus next season, unless it results in them breaking up. I thought they were at the forefront of season 5 enough. Also Leonard/Penny is kind of tiresome. Regarding 'Shamy', "we always start from the point of view that Sheldon will permit no advancement whatsoever", that's reassuring to hear from Prady. I am looking forward to Mary and Beverly meeting. I can see why Beverly would envy Mary having Sheldon as her son but I don't see why Mary would envy Beverly. Unfortunately it looks like Raj will be left on the backbur
  7. As for the character, I couldn't live with Sheldon but I would like to be part of his social group. Even though he's like an exaggerated version of me, we have some differences and I could not agree to all the roommate agreement stuff. I'm sure he wouldn't have me anyway One of the best TV characters ever. Probably my favourite.
  8. Raj Which BBT character would you most want to have a video game marathon with?
  9. I think my mind may have gone blank. What is The Sheldon Rap? LOL, that is hilarious. Thanks for making me aware of it. I also must add Sheldon singing in 'The Jerusalem Duality' to my list of favourites. "Ay Ay Ay Ay Hava Nagila, They’ll come, they’ll settle and I’ll win the prize".
  10. Yes, fairly often actually. Have you ever jumped out of a window?
  11. I don't think Raj could get over his bromance with Howard that easily and just get a new mate. He would be trying to replace Howard and realise that he is irreplaceable. Saying that, it would be interesting if Raj did find a new friend which made Howard jealous and in turn affected his marriage with Bernadette. It could be like a wake-up call to Howard who realises he has made a huge mistake and is not ready for married life. That would be my dream. Also I wouldn't say Penny is a steady girlfriend right now but eventually yes. I imagine Raj's girlfriend would have to be Indian unless he
  12. Lap dance from Penny (Bernadette's voice would become too annoying, not to mention I don't really like her) Inside or Outside?
  13. We might see the resemblance better if they were both naked. Can you find those pics? Well I suppose these two pics are as good as any I could find. But still no striking resemblence. Actually HeWolf, it's hard not to find naked pics of Taryn Terrell on a Google image search. She is a former Playboy girl.
  14. Lol, I agree. Although I watched 'The Porkchop Indeterminacy' earlier and during their squabble Raj did have some sort of choke hold on Howard. "I am Shiva the destroyer, I will have the woman!"
  15. More Stuart. I don't care as much for Kripke. He has his moments but Stuart is almost consistently funny to me.
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