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  1. Wow that was so emotional. Just finished the episode So sad. Even though I had a feeling this break up was coming, because I read spoilers before the finale in order to prepare myself for the heartbreak of this I adore SHAMY they are my favorite relationship on TV right now, but I didn't know about the ring so that made me excited again :D Because I just know that Sheldon will finally have too woo Amy back next season and hopefully he'll propose to her and they will finally be on road to getting married themselves, even better if the proposal happens in the premiere but if they wait til
  2. Can't wait to see this episode. Love the SHAMY kiss in the previews.
  3. Agree to disagree then. I just found them annoying in that scene and not at all funny, the fight made them both look immature and selfish. But Kevin and Wheaton's feud was delightful that kept it interesting
  4. Cute episode, especially the SHAMY Fort building part. Building a Fort together and having their first sleepover is a wonderful next step for them. Also this whole scenario reminds me of that episode in season 7 Romance Resonance when Sheldon was upset because he got a big grant even though he made a mistake in discovering that super heavy element and he told Amy at first that she wasn't allowed in his Fort. But, then after she told him exactly what he wanted to here by insulting him, he changed his mind and said "Congratulations Dr. Fowler, you just made the Fort!" LOL This felt like a
  5. Awesome episode! Loved it!! Finally all FOUR couples are together and actually acting like COUPLES!! :D Lets break it down shall we. 1. SHAMY = They had the cutest moments in this episode for me because not only do they end up holding hands and hugging like its totally natural and fun for them now, but they are also planning a future together for real. No more Sheldon just thinking about himself and what he wants and ignoring Amy's feelings about everything. He actually got it that she was upset that he didn't tell her about his planned trip to Mars, and invited her to come with him.
  6. Castiel pj top at Hot topic

  7. Okay can someone please explain to me this Osric blue/black dress thing? I still don't totally get it? When did this all start? Why did this all start and why is the fandom in a TIZZY about it? Also Osric has worn dresses before so still not getting what the big deal is? LOL Maybe its cause I just saw him in Mugatu costume in Phoenix, but yeah explain this to me fandom cause right now I'm like DAFUQ!!

  8. Enjoyed this episode more than I thought I would. I knew Sheldon and Penny would never fall in love, but I was a little worried the writers would take it too far just for comedy and glad they didn't. I've always said they are more like brother and sister and would be terrible couple so glad they finally put final nail in that coffin again tonight and once again had Sheldon proclaiming his love for Amy and even cooler that we found out when Sheldon's birthday is February 26th. I do feel the storyline with Howard and Bernadette was the most heartwarming to see Howard admit how he feels about
  9. http://www.whosay.com/articles/6854-grammys-red-carpet-memes LOL Just got done watching Fashion Police, Grammys Fashion is always hilariously hideous, found these great memes that illustrate just how much so.
  10. Wow Beyonce sang so beautifully live, she has a fantastic voice! You can tell she grew up in the church when she sings. :)

  11. Rihanna sang well but I didn't Like Kanyes singing at all in that song ruined the flow should have let Paul sing with her instead he is the much better singer and a legend. Kanye is only a legend in his own mind I didn't really care for either of his performances tonight. Hope he doesn't perform again next year. :p

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