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  1. Wow that was so emotional. Just finished the episode So sad. Even though I had a feeling this break up was coming, because I read spoilers before the finale in order to prepare myself for the heartbreak of this I adore SHAMY they are my favorite relationship on TV right now, but I didn't know about the ring so that made me excited again :D Because I just know that Sheldon will finally have too woo Amy back next season and hopefully he'll propose to her and they will finally be on road to getting married themselves, even better if the proposal happens in the premiere but if they wait til Christmas that be cool too because we know how much Sheldon hated Christmas in the past, so for him to give her a wedding ring as a Christmas present would be like the most perfect gift ever and really show how Amy has made such a difference in his life. I know he loves her, but now Shelly needs to start really showing her that. Maybe even sing her a song that be so romantic. I know this isnt the end for them. I just hope they don't wait too long next season to put things right again, ugh its going be torture waiting all summer for the show to come back, but the ring gives me hope for the future even though Its heartbreaking to have to wait all summer not knowing if/when they will reunite them. UGH!! Also hey did anyone else catch the GOLLUM reference here. Awhile back Sheldon during one of their yearly anniversary status meetings, Sheldon picked the name Gollum as his pet name for Amy. So him talking to the Gollum stature is kind of a metaphor for what he really wish he could have said to her in person. "Well Gollum, you're an expert on rings, what do i do with this one?" Amy is Gollum and that ring better end up on her finger or so help me SHAMY fans WE SHOULD RIOT as if it were the WALKING DEAD! lol The kiss at the beggining of the episode was so nice that I just knew by the end of it they'd be in trouble. But I love that Sheldon let his hand linger on Amy's leg and actually tried to keep making out with her. Amy did sort of ruin the moment. Its tough on hand I think she should stop trying to push him to do things he isn't ready for and make him so uncomfortable just because she is tired of waiting, and she should know by no that Sheldon has changed a lot for her in so many ways I mean there was a time he didn't want any physical contact with anyone whatsoever and now they are MAKING OUT in his spot no less I mean thats HUGE CHANGE! He said he loved her before she did, he even asked her to be his girlfriend so its not like he hasn't shown he cares. He took care of her while she was sick and bought her nice gifts. But Amy has a point. She has waited five years and Sheldon still doesn't seem to get it that not only does she want more physical affection its really the EMOTIONAL consideration for her feelings that he doesn't seem to get yet. He should know that talking about the Flash during a make-out session isn't appropriate, but he doesn't get it and whats worse he still wouldn't just apologize like he apologize to Leonard and Penny for upsetting them over all the wedding talk, he still wanted to act like it was all Amy's fault and she shouldn't be upset, but he was WRONG! He needs to stop being so self-center and I hope this time apart will force him to realize how much he misses her and needs her in his life and actually actively try to woo her back next season. Not just with a ring thats a nice gift, but what Amy really needs is more Kindness and consideration from him. He needs to show her that he is willing to CHANGE! I know a lot of people don't want Sheldon to change, people think he should have to change just to be with her, but everyone changes, no matter what every single day we are changing rather we like it or not! And if he keeps acting this way he is going end up alone and miserable and lose the best girlfriend he's ever going to have cause Amy rocks and she deserves everything from him, mind, body and heart and he better give it to her!! No more excuses. Because Amy may even find another boyfriend next season, ugh I don't even want to go there, but I bet Stuart would take her out again he is always acting desperate for woman's attention anyway. Amy may decide to try moving on from him and then Sheldon's jealous side will come out again I bet. That can sometimes be really funny, but it could also just make him look like an even bigger jerk. But Amy needs to also realize that there is more that Sheldon does care about her and just because he refuses to have sex yet and says dumb insensitive things to her, she must know he doesn't mean to hurt her feelings when he says stupid stuff. And I'm not sure pressuring him to go further physically is right at all, because even though most couples would have done a lot more a LOT sooner, Sheldon isn't like most guys and if the shoe where on the other foot and a guy was pressuring a girl to have sex with him before marriage or before she was ready people would think he was a total jerk for it, so just because Sheldon is a guy doesn't mean Amy can demand he give her it all before he is ready too cause if he did then he wouldn't enjoy it and likely neither would she so it makes no sense. He does love her though, so hopefully he will be ready by end of next season to either marry her or sleep with her or both cause the last thing I want to see is Sheldon end up reverting back to the annoying robot man he was in earlier seasons and lose all the progress he's made or worst end up getting so drunk one night cause he misses her so much that he sleeps with some random girl he barely knows and ruins his virgin status with anyone that isn't his true love Amy. But I have faith that it will all work itself out next season, and they will get back together and be even better for it when they do. Now on to Penny and Leonard's relationship! I am really upset about it. I hate the idea that they are going run off and get married in Vegas without any of their friends there to support them and we may not even get to see it. They will just show up next season already married after their trip that is going suck hard core. We've waited so long we deserve to see them say I dos. WTF!!! I hope something happens and they come back next season and we find out Penny changed her mind at the alter because she was still pissed about Leonard's confession and decides she can't do it right now. Leonard was so dumb for telling her that right then, I mean seriously that is just asking for her to leave you at the alter, you tell her you cheated on her on the way to get married! I wanted to slap him so hard right then I mean who does that!! IDIOT its like when he told Priya he slept with Alice, or when he found out about Raj and Penny almost hooking up. I mean that was like he was sabotaging it and rightfully so because getting married in vegas is dumb!! They already did that with Penny and Zac. How can Leonard even think of getting married without his best man SHELDON who really should be there by his side on that special day and get to say some hilariously funny, but heartfelt speech at their reception dinner. I will continue to hold out hope that next season will start and they will try to make us think Penny and Leonard went through with it at first, then reveal they didn't and decide to wait. But if they do start the season off married, they better at least flashback to show us them saying heartfelt I dos or I'm going be like this was a total rip off and all that drama over them getting together for pretty much no real pay off other than to watch them be together, but we've been watching them be together for years now. I wanted to watch them actually get married, see Penny in a real wedding dress with LONG HAIR and see Leonard in a Tux or even better in his Frodo costume from season one when they had their first kiss at Halloween. A costume themed wedding with all their friends in attendance would be adorable and a lot more fun than a lame one by themselves in Vegas. SO fingers crossed it doesn't happen. Now on to Raj and Emily. I felt so confused about that. First off I don't know why they have to keep making Emily act so creepy its not even necessary or that funny anymore. I mean sex in a cemetary that is just disrespectful to the families of those dead people who would not want people screwing each other on top of graves they paid for! I mean WTF! I like Emily a lot, but it clearly was making Raj very uncomfortable and she should have realized that and just took him home or out to a nice restaurant like he suggested. She is almost as clueless as Sheldon I mean she has to know that most people aren't going to enjoy all this creepy stuff she's super into and we haven't even see her that much this season so its just so weird that they had to try to make it so awkward all of sudden and Raj wanting to seriously break up with her. He only didn't out of fear of being alone not because he really wanted to stay how sad. That doesn't bode well for their future. I hope she figures him out and stops trying to creep him out so much or scare him. Raj use to not even be able to talk to girls and now he finally has a girlfriend and they are ruining it by making her act borderline psycho. I mean always talking about wanting to murder people and sex in cemetaries, I mean what's next is she going go full necrophilia on him and want to have a threesome with a dead corpse next I mean GROSS! I don't mind Emily being into creepy things, but there is a line you just don't cross and that would be it for me, and I think for Raj too, plus I mean if she really loves him why would she even want him to be so scared of her all the time it makes no sense. I hope they work it all out next season though cause I really want Raj to be happy. As for Stuart/Howard/Bernadette break up glad they couldn't go through with it. I hope when Stuart finally moves out he does so on his own desire to after realizing he's overstayed his welcome and finds someone new to be with. Howard and Bernadette should realize he's just lonely and will say anything to keep from being alone again, so if they really want to get rid of him they should find him a new girlfriend. But I'm afraid now that SHeldon and Amy just broke up they may try to push Stuart to move in with Amy and if that happens Sheldon has my permission to go back to torturing Howard about being an engineer because I mean come on Amy and Stuart don't belong together no way no how. That would just be selfish on their part to get rid of Stuart. Find Stuart someone nice and new who loves comics and leave Amy out of it as Sheldon would say "She's Not for You!" Anyway, the finale was a mix bag of some humourous moments mixed with total fear that at any minute everyone's lives would be turned completely upside down. I want changes, but not too much change all at once so I'm glad at least not everyone broke up only one couple did and we still don't know about the wedding situation so we'll just have to wait and see. But yeah not my favorite finale at all, but it could have been worse. I'll still watch it one more time at least. ยท
  2. Can't wait to see this episode. Love the SHAMY kiss in the previews.
  3. Agree to disagree then. I just found them annoying in that scene and not at all funny, the fight made them both look immature and selfish. But Kevin and Wheaton's feud was delightful that kept it interesting
  4. Cute episode, especially the SHAMY Fort building part. Building a Fort together and having their first sleepover is a wonderful next step for them. Also this whole scenario reminds me of that episode in season 7 Romance Resonance when Sheldon was upset because he got a big grant even though he made a mistake in discovering that super heavy element and he told Amy at first that she wasn't allowed in his Fort. But, then after she told him exactly what he wanted to here by insulting him, he changed his mind and said "Congratulations Dr. Fowler, you just made the Fort!" LOL This felt like a continuation of that because now they finally built a fort and are sharing it together. (And, metaphorically speaking its like they are slowly building a life together sheet by sheet) I love that he immediately allowed her to come into the Fort when she asked and even was the one to suggest breaking the rules at first so she could stay later. Super Adorbs! I also love that Sheldon was willing to lend Amy a toothbrush and his pajamas. That shows so MAJOR growth on Shelly's part that he would be willing to let her use HIS toothbrush and sleep in HIS pajamas. And, just the fact that he didn't get the least bit upset that she already had her sleepover goodie bag packed and hidden there at his place shows just how much he wanted her to stick around and instead complimented her on being prepared was just brilliant! SQUEE!! <3 I don't care what anyone else thinks SHAMY is Best Couple on this show for me hands down because of moments like this! As for the rest of the episode with Penny/Leonard/Wil/Kevin and Howard/Bernadette/Raj and Howard's new half brother.... those storylines were both pretty meh and not very funny or super cute. I did like that Howard was able to bond with his half brother, but I feel like I'd have rather they introduced his father Sam then a half brother. I feel like Howard needs to finally confront his dad about leaving his mom and get to know the man once and for all otherwise introducing the half-brother will just seem like a cop out to me and a unnecessary less meaningful addition. I hope someday they get around to casting Howard's dad and finally let Howard hash out his daddy issues, but do so in a funny way. Meeting his half brother just came off more awkward than funny. But I liked Howard's storyline better than the Penny/Leonard one this week. The parts with Penny and Leonard annoyed me tonight. And neither one of them came off looking good during that stupid fight in my eyes, they just both looked petty and like each was only thinking about themself and not their partner. I hate the way Penny acts now that she makes all this money, as if she didn't rely on Leonard and Sheldon for food and rent money for years and basically mooched off them for years for free Wifi and its like she's forgotten all about how much she sucked at being an actress too. That is why she was cast in that crappy Ape movie to begin with and she wasn't a good waitress either. But, if acting is her true passion then she should pursue it because its her dream. However, if she's making all this money then she should make sure she saves most of it so if/when her acting career ends up a big fat Bust again she won't have too once again go crying to Leonard for help. He bought her a car when she was broke, and he helped pay for her acting classes and now that she makes more money she really doesn't even care about how it must hurt his feelings to have it thrown in his face that her money is hers alone to do with what she pleases. But, his money he was more than willing to share with her, that is so selfish PENNY!! Just because she makes more than him now doesn't give her the right to talk down to him like she was doing tonight and on the radio no less just to add insult to injury. Besides the only reason she even has that good job now is because Bernadette put in the good word for her at her company in the first place. If she hadn't done that Penny would still be broke living off Leonard doing yoga or back in Nebraska, so she needs to stop acting like she is so much better than him now and be grateful he helped her along the way. But, Leonard came off super annoying too just as bad as Penny, because if he didn't want to discuss it on radio instead of repeatedly asking Wil to turn it off, he should have just kept his big mouth shut and waited til later to talk about it with Penny in private. Waited until later when she wasn't so super excited about just being offered an AMAZING opportunity by Kevin Freaking Smith! He may not have wanted her to quit her job for practical reasons, but saying so then wasn't the right time, jeez its like just because you have a doctorate doesn't mean you have any common sense dude. He still hasn't learned a thing about woman after all these years. Don't tell her not to do something she wants to do its a sure fire way to start a fight and make her mad at you, especially if you do it in front of other people, famous people at that. That was really dumb! Leonard was never going come out on top in that situation at that time no matter what he said to her, if he were as smart as seems to think he is, Leonard should have just said nothing negative about it during the podcast and just let Penny go on the audition. She may not have even gotten the part anyway and then he'd have nothing to worry about it. And if she did get it, only later when they were alone he could politely recommend that she continue to pursue her dream by taking a short leave of absence from her job to film the movie and then go back to work afterwards if they'd be willing to let her return and if not then he should have encouraged her to save enough money before quitting her job so he wouldn't have to support her if her movie career attempt failed again. But either way he should definitely not have said anything while they were still on the radio that was what did him in! Keeping his mouth shut would probably have gotten him laid too because if he had just let Penny believe that he was all for it and supported her decision for the time being she would have been happy and slept with him that night instead of ending up back at his place with Sheldon and Amy bossing him around in their tree fort LOL. And later after the sex was over if she still wouldn't listen to reason then he should have said, "fine do whatever makes you happy sweetie I'll support you no matter what you choose to do with your life, but can I borrow some money just this once please I need it for a science experiment." And when she stupidly gave it to him thinking she won, he should instead have put that money away into a secret savings account and waited til her acting career failed again, and if the pharmacy company wouldn't hire her back after that then he'd be able to give her back the money she gave to him without having to waste any of his own money on her ridiculous dreams again. And if she succeeded he could actually use the money she gave him on a science experiment of his choosing and she'd never know the difference. Plus, she'd think he was just supporting her all over again and love him even more without knowing it was her money all along. Honestly Leonard, for having a doctorate he really doesn't have a clue. No wonder he can't catch a break.
  5. Awesome episode! Loved it!! Finally all FOUR couples are together and actually acting like COUPLES!! :D Lets break it down shall we. 1. SHAMY = They had the cutest moments in this episode for me because not only do they end up holding hands and hugging like its totally natural and fun for them now, but they are also planning a future together for real. No more Sheldon just thinking about himself and what he wants and ignoring Amy's feelings about everything. He actually got it that she was upset that he didn't tell her about his planned trip to Mars, and invited her to come with him. Thats how much she means to him now that he can't live without her even on another planet. <3 <3 <3 My Shamy-loving heart is bursting! Even more so his tone has totally changed with her, while in past he would sound very condescending and arrogant, now he genuinely sounds like he cares even when he disagrees with her and he actually thought about what kind of tea to make her knowing she was upset instead of demanding she make him some because he was the one who got his finger hurt by that turtle so I'm glad Sheldon is finally acting like more of a MAN about things! No more whining like a baby when he gets hurt instead he took care of his "woman" and made sure to include her in his future plans and even wanted to potentially procreate on Mars and have Martian babies someday . Yep SHAMY is in it for the long haul, they are going get married someday and Amy is going to eventually break down all of Sheldon's intimacy walls until he's finally ready to give her everything mind, BODY and heart 2. RAMILY- Finally some real progress is being made in this relationship as well, they get so little screen time together it was hard to tell whether or not this relationship was going anywhere or would just fizzle out with Emily never being mentioned again, but NOPE! Not this time. Emily has won me over hook, line and sinker. She manages to bring a new character to the show t hat we haven't seen before, a Pretty Smart girl who is into scary disturbing stuff and may actually be able to finally get Raj to come out of his comfort zone. I think with Emily, Raj could finally stop being such a fraidy cat and grow a lot more confident and manly. He knows she may have skeletons in her closet for real and he still stayed in bed with her. She knew he was snooping around and instead of breaking up with him and breaking his heart, she forgave him and made love to him. Yep this one's a Keeper for sure. I actually think it be kind of hysterical if RAMILY end up getting engaged or even married or moving in together before LENNY and SHAMY do. They are the newest couple, yet already seem right for each other and don't have to make a big deal out of the little things, but just move on from them and enjoy themselves even when its scary. Plus I just love to see looks on Leonard, Penny and Amy's faces if they found out RAMILY were engaged or moving in together by end of the season, it might make them super jealous, but it also perhaps force them to start accepting that everyone moves at their own pace and they don't have to be like other couples or do things in same time frame as other couples but can actually go at their own pace. I like where each of relationships are at, we have one married couple, one engaged couple, one couple who act like they're married already even though they haven't even had sex yet and one that is fresh and new with tons of potential going forward. I just hope they can find a way to add more interesting aspects to Emily's personality besides that she likes to make disturbing comments and do scary things. 3. LENNY - was on fire tonight. This couple has seriously being lacking in the romance department for awhile. Its not good when it looks like Sheldon and Penny last week had a more intimate relationship than LENNY who are engaged. Its great that this week they turned that around and actually did their own type of experimenting...in bed. I know it may seem like LENNY are all about the sex, but I see it as they are a couple who want to keep the spark alive in their relationship even after all this time. They could just settle for boring average sex, but no they actually made an effort to do something out of the box and enjoy themselves and you can tell that they still love each other very much they just express it differently than the others by literally doing it on a canvas. SHAMY do it by getting a turtle together, Howardette do it by sharing quality snooping time together, and Emily and Raj like solving puzzles together like last week, but LENNY really is into having sex with each other. It may be shallow to some, but at least its doubtful they will end up having a sexless marriage no way not these two. They will fight and then make up on a table, go play outside then go take a shower together and have sex, eat dinner, drink wine and then have sex again on Sheldon's spot lol.. They will always keep their own intimacy alive that way, and it works for them. 4. Howardette- Next week seems to be more Howard/Bernadette focused and from looks of things quite emotional episode. Glad they are continuing to show love and support for Mrs. Wolowitz and not just forgetting about her character too quickly. I may need a box of tissues for first time to watch a TBBT episode though cause I lost my mom for real last year and my stepfather this past Saturday so this whole storyline for Howard touches me a lot because of that. I love how supportive Bernadette is even when Howard acts like a child and goes off and plays video games while she does all the real hard work doing their taxes. I love how she had his back last week at the airport when they lost his mom's ashes. I think these two are most stable grounded couple on the show. I do wonder though now if they will move back into Howard's mom's house, sell the house or just keep letting Stuart live in it. Overall, not the funniest episode at all, but I don't care about that. It was one of very few episodes that made me feel like the show is moving things forward for everyone and not making one step forward two steps back for the sake of a joke. Jokes are great, but I think TBBT is slowly turning into more of a comedy/drama instead of just pure comedy. I know a lot of people won't like that, but too bad. Life is full of changes and drama can be just as entertaining as comedy. As long as they keep the couples together and maintain some sense of humor throughout it all then I'm okay with more emotional and dramatic storylines because it means they are maturing and not just repeating themselves doing same ten jokes over and over again. I hope next week's episode has just as much emotional reverence for Mrs. Wolowitz's passing as it does humor, maybe even more so cause not everything needs to be a big joke or funny to be good and entertaining. Just need to keep it moving forward.
  6. Castiel pj top at Hot topic

  7. Okay can someone please explain to me this Osric blue/black dress thing? I still don't totally get it? When did this all start? Why did this all start and why is the fandom in a TIZZY about it? Also Osric has worn dresses before so still not getting what the big deal is? LOL Maybe its cause I just saw him in Mugatu costume in Phoenix, but yeah explain this to me fandom cause right now I'm like DAFUQ!!

  8. Enjoyed this episode more than I thought I would. I knew Sheldon and Penny would never fall in love, but I was a little worried the writers would take it too far just for comedy and glad they didn't. I've always said they are more like brother and sister and would be terrible couple so glad they finally put final nail in that coffin again tonight and once again had Sheldon proclaiming his love for Amy and even cooler that we found out when Sheldon's birthday is February 26th. I do feel the storyline with Howard and Bernadette was the most heartwarming to see Howard admit how he feels about his mother almost made me tear up again. I did like seeing Emily again, but I still wish we seen Raj and Emily do the experiment instead I feel like we already knew Sheldon and Penny were close and Leonard and Penny are engaged and SHAMY is in love with each other, but we still no so little about Emily other than she likes watching/doing scaring disturbing things. There needs to be more to her personality than that and more information we can find out about her, but its nice her getting along so well with Amy and Leonard thats a good stepping stone to her become more of a part of the group hopefully in the future. Overall it was a cute episode, not that funny more heartfelt but still I want get back to some laugh out loud moments and more intimacy between the actual couples on the show. Because I will never see Shenny as anything more than friends and next week the SHAMY storyline looks so much more adorable so I can't wait to see that.
  9. http://www.whosay.com/articles/6854-grammys-red-carpet-memes LOL Just got done watching Fashion Police, Grammys Fashion is always hilariously hideous, found these great memes that illustrate just how much so.
  10. Wow Beyonce sang so beautifully live, she has a fantastic voice! You can tell she grew up in the church when she sings. :)

  11. Rihanna sang well but I didn't Like Kanyes singing at all in that song ruined the flow should have let Paul sing with her instead he is the much better singer and a legend. Kanye is only a legend in his own mind I didn't really care for either of his performances tonight. Hope he doesn't perform again next year. :p

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