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  1. Castiel pj top at Hot topic

  2. Okay can someone please explain to me this Osric blue/black dress thing? I still don't totally get it? When did this all start? Why did this all start and why is the fandom in a TIZZY about it? Also Osric has worn dresses before so still not getting what the big deal is? LOL Maybe its cause I just saw him in Mugatu costume in Phoenix, but yeah explain this to me fandom cause right now I'm like DAFUQ!!

  3. http://www.whosay.com/articles/6854-grammys-red-carpet-memes LOL Just got done watching Fashion Police, Grammys Fashion is always hilariously hideous, found these great memes that illustrate just how much so.
  4. Wow Beyonce sang so beautifully live, she has a fantastic voice! You can tell she grew up in the church when she sings. :)

  5. Rihanna sang well but I didn't Like Kanyes singing at all in that song ruined the flow should have let Paul sing with her instead he is the much better singer and a legend. Kanye is only a legend in his own mind I didn't really care for either of his performances tonight. Hope he doesn't perform again next year. :p

  6. http://www.ew.com/article/2015/02/05/watch-new-lego-parody-fifty-shades-grey-trailer Well this is disturbing Fifty Shaded of Grey Lego movie :p plus I read they are making two more of these films. Yeah no I'm going to see Kingsman on V-day instead no interesting in FSOG the trailers creep me out
  7. Who plans to watch the Grammys tonight?

  8. Awesome funny episode of The Big Bang Theory! GO SHAMY!! LOL

  9. Binge watching this show With Michelle Dijares Reilly On Episode 5 now.

  10. Binge watching this sjow With Michelle Dijares Reilly On Episode 5 now.

  11. Has anyone seen this new show? Tahmoh is in it I'm just curious it's about three women in the old west and something happens to the men in their town or something.

  12. Just saw CBS is planning to remake the Odd Couple ugh why can't they leave classics alone. It's like when they tried to remake Bewitched it was absolutely wretched or the Honeymooners with Cedric the entertainer more like Cedric the destroyer . And using the same guy who played Chandler in friends no. No. No. He already did a popular sitcom it's too weird. Nothing is original anymore its annoying as hell. I mean use the odd couple premise if you want lots of shows do, but at least give the...

  13. Amy Larae and Rachel Ann have you seen this Louden Swain video? I can see you in the crowd scenes its pretty cool.
  14. December 12th a day that will live in infamy for me always :'( I will try hard not to be too depressed during this Christmas season leading up to January 3rd. But, the raining dark weather we're having doesn't help. Makes me more tired and sad. I had to force myself to get out of bed. Spent some time with Papa, went to the grocery store for him, came home watched GOTG, love the movie, but of course the scene with Peter Quill's mother dying make me want to cry. I'll power through it I gu...

  15. Crystalena Nightengale haha check this out its so funny and sweet and reminds me of How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  16. Cory and Shawn still sleep together lol. ,
  17. I like this dress for Karaoke but since I don't know the theme for next year I'll just wait to get it.

  18. Wow that is crazy that I would find out about this shirt right after I did these photo ops with them. Matt rocks!

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