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  1. Did anyone notice the pictures on the frig.
  2. To me the wedding was a BBT standard skit with the cast in charactor. The problem I have with Sheldon is that he clearly knows what he is doing to the point he comments that he is making his insults more efficient. This is a choice he has made. I have no problem with the gigantic ego. It is when the lashing out is done specifically to hurt or esculated the insults to get his owned way. This unacceptable behavior.
  3. I am not sure how long 5 weeks is in TBBT time. I think that the completed repairs will create a transition to move forward. Personally I do not see Amy returning to her apt. My bet is that Amy gets her key for Christmas.
  4. What happen S5-07 Leonard could not drink wine due to sulfides and migranes. Now going to wine tasting parties????
  5. Penny is wearing the heart and is all I need to keep hope alive.
  6. With Penny I wonder if the Stockholm Syndrome applies.
  7. I know the Lennys want a redo, but have Bev initiate the redo is totally OOC. Anytime Bev shows up it has not been good for Leonard.
  8. Was it manipulation or revenge? It would depend on the spin. I sure Leonard has, I do not believe that justifies Amy's actions. I agree and I think it should be Leonard who finally gets up and leaves(cliff hanger). This will be the only that he will be taken seriously.
  9. Just a thought on the RA Meeting. Penny knows that the best way to get Sheldon to act nicely is that you put in a contract ie RA. Penny is the one who suggested to use the contract for Howard. I do not understand her wiliness to go to the RA other than to avoid conflict. If Leonard and Penny both went to the RA they could remove all Sheldon's garbage because they have a majority vote. We know that Penny uses the RA for change, we only have Amy's word that Penny was using the changes to get her way. Did Amy have to include that little tidbit or what was her agenda? Personally I think that Penny made a tactical error and she will need to address. Tag scene had them in bed together. We will have to wait and see if they move on.
  10. I am actually good with Leonard loosing it and forcing the issue. Where is Take Charge Leonard with a little backbone when you need him?
  11. Bottom line Penny is going to have to choose who and how much she supports.
  12. I don't think Leonard's father has a clue, however he could be the opposite of Bev and offer support and encouragement.
  13. Something is always big for the season final. Changing living arrangements will not work without a restraining order. My guess is that Leonard's father will push Leonard into action about moving out. Last scene Leonard leaving. Next season Penny would broker a new friendship agreement with privacy and insult boundaries along with communal meals. Penny will be the key to the outcome. It all depends on how TPTB structures the way ahead for the story to continue.
  14. Penny's leaving the room was the right thing to do. This was a couple's discussion not for the whole group as part of a game. It showed that they had matured and were looking to the future and being supportive of each other.
  15. I agree. The next thing was that TPTB dreamed up the kiss to cause distress and support the 9-2 commitment to each other not to worry about the other and just enjoy each other.
  16. Technically if Penny was married to Zack at that time how could Leonard cheat on Penny? Wouldn't Penny be an adultress instead.
  17. What if Zack is there to validate Penny's choice of Leonard.
  18. My vision with rosey tinted glasses and fingers crossed.
  19. I'm not sure end has been reached. TPTB change the end game with the number season extensions. My end game has a pair of twins (blonde haired boy and a curly brunette haired girl with glasses) complaining about a broken elevator.
  20. I think they know where they want to have the characters be at the end show. The trouble is how many seasons to the end of the show. There were major changes right after new season extensions. The rest is the journey to get to the finale.
  21. As far as I can see they will move out when a smart and beautiful baby spits up on Sheldon and poops in his spot which by the way earns the little one an Emmy for excellance in television.
  22. 4a 4b there is really no difference sheldon has been known not to respect their privacy for his own needs. They would have to move out of state.
  23. The problem with Lenny moving out is that they would lose the communial eating area as a group. As Amy has said the group is Leonard centric and would follow Leonard and leave Sheldon and sometimes Amy around the communial coffee table.
  24. Leonard's birthday was mentioned in S1 in reference to a free cheesecake. is the time frame different than May?
  25. More likely Sheldon's bday and he gets tenure
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