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  1. cant say i have have you ever been abroad
  2. i didnt like any of the shows (well scenes really) that had priya or leslie in i just hated them otherwise i love the other episodes
  3. secret lazer obstical games would be awsome to play
  4. something about no REM sleep makes u lose all of ur concentrate and u act like a child what warlord of Ka'a card is beatable by anything i.e by a rock
  5. oh god true the next person likes rollercoasters
  6. nope have u ever harmed a fly
  7. the person above me is a fan of howard
  8. i think it is soy sauce then a tissue what are the 3 varients of secret agent lazer game that are/wanted to be played
  9. True to that any day the next person owns pets
  10. dan-dan

    Know you

    Basics Name: Danielle Age: 18 Birthday: 3rd of may Sex: female Eye colour: brown Hair colour: brown Height: 165cm Any pets if yes what are there names: vicious little teratorial budgie named sunny Favorite Drink: too many (as long as it is sugary) Food: too many Colour: blue Store: what ever is the closest Either/Or Spender or saver: saver Books or movies: movies Sweet or salty:sweet
  11. yum flipz (the chocolate covered pretzals)
  12. true: i love roller coasters the next person is working at the moment
  13. i have a toutor that hasnt marked any assignments from me that i handed in well on time but she has marked other peoples work and they handed in work after me and i was supposed to be signed off for all of my lessons today and that includes her lesson as well ............ so annoyed
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