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  1. Amy!! I´m into neurobiology too. And I think she´s the funnier one. Coffee or tea?
  2. I´m drinking beer... and listening to Nine Inch Nails
  3. walking around the mall science or shoes?
  4. yes, I am (unfortunately) The person above me likes Raj´s Indian accent.
  5. I am from Europe, but not from the UK. The person above me is from the midwest?
  6. I like Shelly´s favorite number too...althogh I´m a little bit younger The person above me would like to bang Penny. Haha...actually if you can believe it I chose the number '73' not because it's Sheldon's favorite number, but because it's the year I (and apparently Jim Parsons too) was born...I just thought my favorite word and my birth year sounded good together Also, apparently the person above me has a Howard Wolowitz avatar :D you´ve edited too quick, bitch :-)
  7. yeah, Sheldon is definitely cute when he is drunk. But it is really always hilarious, when he says ´coitus´
  8. I wish it was this one. I love Joy Division. But is is Angels from Robbie Williams. I just can´t get it out of my head. Awful.
  9. I am totally annoyed, ´cause my rat is eating my salmon ..and the annoying girlfriend of my roommate is here all night. And they are having coitus! All night! If we only had an roommate agreement.
  10. yes, I do! I prefer salty stuff. The next person wants to take Sheldon´s virginity.
  11. A: He wants to play Grand Theft Auto later. Q: What does Sheldon watch every Saturday morning, when he gets up at 6.15?
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