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  1. Sorry, but the term 'Lifestyle Choice' makes me cringe. Those who think you can choose your sexual orientation are usually stumped when I ask how they suppress their homosexual urges. It's a 'choice' after all, no, so you must 'choose' to ignore them then? Or perhaps you don't get to choose at all, and you are what you are:- Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual or Asexual. I know I certainly didn't get to choose my own sexuality and I've yet to met anyone who did. I do realise you want to be supportive, but the term 'lifestyle choice' fuels homophobia.
  2. Like the Vagisil footer, a nod here to the old joke where a woman compares her husband to a thrush ( bird) cause he's an irritating XXXX
  3. Spot on! The line is not: "My Mother had me tested, I'm on the Autistic Spectrum." He WAS tested. His issues are typical of the arrested social development that often accompanies high intelligence; no interest in playing immature playground games with children his own age but unable to connect with those closer to his own IQ due to the age gap, no college kid hangs out with an 11 year old. The (much hated in some circles) growth in his character reflects this. The 'follow up with the specialist in Houston' would likely be in order to develop better social skills.
  4. Will go listen! Was watching Shrek the other day and never realised just how fitting the song 'Beautiful Freak' by Eels is for Shamy. Get googling, seriously, it's uncanny!
  5. Loved S1-4, S5 was weak in parts IMO, but am loving S6 so far (in UK, so only up to Spoiler Alert here). I do however disagree that the addition of Bernadette and Amy has weakened the show. Amy is now my second favourite character after Sheldon, and Mayim and the writers have done an amazing job with her character; the tiara scene was genius. It's true that the characters need to grow for the show to continue, and it was after all the original premise that the socially inept nerds learn and develop from their friendship with the cool girl across the hall. Was dreading S6 a bit after the hit and miss of S5, so relieved that it's back on track (The Bakersfield Expedition was one of the funniest episodes I've seen).
  6. Oh good, it was a figment of Chuck's warped imagination and not mine, good to know Can see the appeal of a head to toe condom from Sheldon's POV tho! :D
  7. What's Tommy Boatwright's story in the play? Is he one of the characters diagnosed with HIV?
  8. It would actually be a hoot if Amy was unprepared for how weird Sheldon's fantasy life is...lol. LIke if the Pretezel costume was actually more of a turn on than the starfleet unifiorm.
  9. A lot of actors lose/gain weight for roles. Jim gained weight for Harvey, maybe he's got something lined up for the Summer which would explain his loss this Season. When's 'The Normal Heart' filming?
  10. Daily Mail's reporting is famously sloppy! Also, Kaley was playing Magenta, not Janet as stated! Did they actually dance the Time Wharp? Looks like they just sang it (is there a video of the whole number)? After all; it's just a jump to the left, and then a step to the right, with your hands on your hips, you bring your knees in tight, but it's the pelvic thrusts that really drive you insane, let's do the Time Wharp again!!!!!! If you haven't been to see Rocky Horror at a cinema with audience participation then you're missing a treat lovely people
  11. Be a good twist if coitus preceded innocent physical affection!
  12. I mean't feminist in terms of true equality among the sexes BTW. Not the 'hands off' misconception that sadly sticks to the F word Agree it'd be sweet to see Sheldon's emotional id defeat his ego, but kinda suspect this is not where tptb are heading. Love to be proved wrong though!
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