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  1. Jackplater89 do you mean that the symbol on the board on the wall looks a little like the Venus Symbol (symbol for woman)?
  2. Maybe his Mother telling him not to do it will be the push he needs to 'do it'!
  3. Agreed! Also, is it just me, or would Amy make a fantastic Amy Winehouse?
  4. I agree with pretty much everything Spook says above and I also love the Shamy! However, out of interest, and quoting from Spook's post 'the writers do what they want to do', what if this runs for 10 series and they decide to use Shenny to keep the show alive a little longer? For this to happen though, as I see it, there would have had to have been a physical relationship between Sheldon and Amy which ran its course. Likewise, Leonard and Penny would have needed to have come to an amicable end. I can't see either Penny or Sheldon having an epiphany about their feelings but perhaps the writ
  5. You know what, if Amy gets herself an avatar on WoW we might even get some Sheldor virtual coitus; she'd make a super hot troll! Nice safe way to awaken Sheldon's interest too.
  6. Well, he probably had no idea why he was enjoying it because he's still at the 'playground' stage of his arrested development and this was a glorified game of 'Mummies and Daddies'! He's moving along from the 'Doctors' game tho in that he was much more involved this time. Let's hope for 'Kiss Chase' next (would love to see the writers twist this up in the same way)!
  7. Amy's 4 year plan seems on track so far. Naturally, for it to be successful, she has to take Sheldon through the stages he missed step by step and she seems to be starting in the playground. We've had a game of 'Doctors', then a 'You Show Me Yours' game in the back seat, both of which he's willingly participated in (he was curious enough to take a look, and didn't run screaming)! Oh, not forgetting the hand holding of course! I'm expecting 'Spin the Bottle' and alcohol induced kisses next; but so far, so good for the accelerated affection plan to date.
  8. Wonder if Amy will ever get to return the favour if Sheldon gets sick? Reckon her sponge-baths will be a little different from his Mothers! He needs to run round outside with wet hair IMO.
  9. I'm sure the writers aren't really on the "50 Shades of Shamy" route! Looks more to me that they're addressing the arrested development problem in small steps. We've had a game of 'Doctors - Star Trek Style'', followed by a one sided 'You show me yours' game in the parking space. Can't wait to see what they come up with next.
  10. I think they have to really. How sad to find someone who you connect so deeply with and not to have the full experience. There's plenty of 30-plus virgins who've just never found the person who moves them. I really hope they take Sheldon and Amy down this route.
  11. Well, if the writers want to speed up the physical side of Shamy then Sheldon's Mum telling him to abstain is a sure way to kick-start it! Perhaps he'll make Amy say "whoo" quicker than most are predicting! :D
  12. The ONLY way that the writers could put these two together would involve, firstly, a physical relationship between Sheldon and Amy then a hugely traumatic event (death of MeeMaw?) to make him vulnerable enough to seek comfort from Penny. The repercussions would be entertaining!
  13. I like that, in effect, Sheldon sets his own trap without coersion from Amy as he would sooooooo take charge if the power went out in a 'been there done that' way! Perhaps Amy could borrow his line "interesting" when the difference between the two experiences becomes apparent!
  14. Newbie here! Got a scenario, albeit recycled from the boys Artic expedition, but that makes it plausible IMO. Amy, still on her 'winning over Sheldon by making him happy quest', arranges a trip to the Hydrolic Collider in Switzerland for Christmas and books a romantic snowy cabin in the middle of nowhere. Cue power-cut, cue necessity to preserve body heat in freezing conditions hence the revelation that Sheldon's body reacts in a way it didn't when the boys had to sleep naked at the North Pole.
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