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  1. BEST EPISODE OF THIS SEASON!!! JUST LIKE OLD TIMES AGAIN I loved this episode, I truly found myself laughing out loud - something I haven't done for the last couple of Season 6 episodes. The Howard-Raj duo was fantastic! Howard especially was hilarious this episode -calling Sheldon "a silly doodle bug," his reaction to Raj putting his ear on the door :D :D Raj was funny too - when he wanted to see the bunny pooping everywhere haha. I'm relieved to finally hear Penny say that she loves Leonard. It was cute. Leonard was pretty funny with Alex. The way he laughed off Alex's comments about women hitting on him and calling her "a friendly girl." WE NEED MORE EPISODES LIKE THIS, really really funny.
  2. -Matt Bomer :D I don't know if I have a favourite, he's the first person I thought of when I read this thread.
  3. nope, there isn't any. I could get hold of it, but there would be no point - they receive thousands of letters every year and fans go unanswered. Thanks for helping I think I was suffering from post concert depression, psychologists actually say its real. never knew that haha, fun fact of the day.
  4. They do have twitter and facebook - but they really are not the type of band who would "tweet." I have sent them several messages through there though, never got a reply. The band is called Radiohead.
  5. I hate my life. I queued up from 3am to see my favourite band and never got to hear them doing a soundcheck or me them after the concert. Lucky people at sydney got to meet my favourite band after the concert, before the concert - get pics, autographs and even a hug. Plus they even got one of the band members at a local club as the dj. dammit, dammit, dammit.
  6. I've always LOVED drunk sheldon - I mean the episode where he took of his pants and sung the periodic table song was so funny!! - the writers and jim could have done so much better here
  7. I agree, this was not a funny episode at all. I had really high expectations but this was not that great. I'm going to get a lot of hatred and mean comments for this, but I'm just giving out my opinion. Is it just me or is Sheldon sounding more and more different these days - especially in Season 5 and season 6? He has like a softer voice and I don't know just an overall different expression.
  8. What an incredible thing to do!!! Well done, we need more people like you in the world. Tommorow is going to be an exciting day for me I cant wait.
  9. i already posted hah, I just made another post and deleted it.
  10. I agree with this. She is not kaley cuoco, a millionare popular actress on the big bang theory. She is playing penny a waitress. She IS still beautiful though.
  11. thanks for taking your time to type out all this!! Sounds hilarious :D I'm glad theres no leonard/penny stuff. I just love sheldon and Howard arguing! And boy did I miss references about Sheldon's spot!
  12. Can't wait no pressure take your time
  13. oh god, someone please post the details
  14. somebody please post the plot!!!! I cant be patient now after knowing about this nudity
  15. true tnp has been nearly arrested before
  16. false hye dyed your hair a crazy colour (i.e. an unnatural colour)?
  17. Only 7 days until I go to a radiohead concert!!!!!!! I'm so excited and happy. Can't believe this is happening!!! I'm gonna see someone I've dreamed of seeing for such a long time. Can't believe this is real!!
  18. nope I've always wanted to be Have you ever punched someone?
  19. nope tpbm has cravings for chinese food at the moment
  20. false tnp gets angry easily
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