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  1. This episode was so funny, one of the funniest in a LONG time. I was actually chuckling through out the episode..until Howard said his mum died which was a shocker. Other than the sad passing, this episode was great
  2. My god I almost died from shock and excitement when Sheldon said those ever dreamable words to Leonard about Amy...My cushions nearly got torn apart from grabbing them close to me in excitement..then dropping them to floor to learn it wasnt real haha. Still, I loved the excitement of it. Man...I love Shamy...hence the name haha im just so excited to see whats nexted! *take a chill pill* ...thats better
  3. Lol just seeing everyones profile picture is Shamys kiss. Where not Obessed! Where just SHAMYFIED :D or werid however way you want to put it, if your not werid your not interesting Go Shamy!
  4. This episode was EXCELLENTA!! :D Funny and exciting. Ovs, Shamy where the main excitment, the way he kissed Amy (abit bent bless because hes so tall ), it was just play and then he moved in and held her waist. Great acting, you could see all the emotions they where feeling. One of the best episodes of this season. Can't wait to see the next episodes. Their relationship maybe me slow moving but that's what I love, all the more exciting when something happens, all the more supprising. So Raj might have found someone, who also sleeps with their dog :3
  5. I LOVE 'MONSTER' BERT! and JOSH PECK haha :D Bert was really funny and weird, thats what we love, the crazies whether they have been tested or not. I found him cute giving Amy a rock <3 I love Josh anyway, Im sure we'll be seeing more him, both of them actually BERT! haha This episode was a big step up from the last one, Penny and Leonard are beginning to annoy me though, this pull between is getting stretched. Sheldon made me laugh with his dog cry I said before that Amy's character is fading quirks sadly, though her indiviual story line I enjoyed and her interaction with Bert.
  6. I voted okay for this episode,because in my opinion it was not good and it wasn't bad...well very bad any way. However I did chuckle at times, Berny laughing her head off and then just stopped :D Sheldon made me laugh a little. This episode was just a bit of a downer, I love Amy but I can see her character is really beginning to fade, especially if you compare her to the previous seasons. I really didn't like that Penny proposed. Im glad Leonard did not answer because she was drunk and drowning in self pity if you will. Someone mentioned that the whole Raj and Stewart thing is old, I agree, its boring, not interesting at all. I don't even crack a smile its becoming that boring. I would of liked to of seen Penny's audition for star wars even though it was a random tape Ive never really had a negative comment on an episode, but this one was just a bit flat.
  7. Yah! I can tell I'll be laughing even more His voice is so cute, no? just me? "If I didn't have you, life would be blue, Id be Doctor who with out the Tardis" Just felt like singing to express my happiness to this news haha
  8. Just a question, I read that Josh Peck is going to be guest on the show as a rival comic book store owner? If so, can't wait! I love Josh :D
  9. I find the laughter and other noises rather annoying at times, it makes it feel slightly unrealistic, the set and the scene itself. For example when a character has meant to have said something offensive, the audience go oooo uhh oo. I find it annoying because what they said didn't even seem that bad, I mean I have never sat in a room and watch the TBBT with some one oooing and awhing like the audience do, seems like an over reaction, It wouldn't have offended me or at least I wouldn't haven't taken it to heart. (I can understand it could offend some people). When they are laughing out loud as well, it's like its a queue for people at home to laugh when it may not actually be that funny. I never laugh like the audience do I giggle or a small chuckle here and there, most the time a goofy smile It annoyed me in friends too, especially in friends, there was always one laughing a little longer than others, like really L.O.Ling it I love new girls set up, no audience which I love, no one is over laughing and actually ruining the joke, making it seem more funny or something worse than it actually is, a more realistic atmosphere. I actually have a really good laugh when I watch that show. However I don't think TBBT would be the same without the audience so its torn.
  10. I think he is a good singer, even though hes not putting all is effort in he sounds good, even when he sang a sorry song in the cheesecake factory to Berny. Really good! Not to mention he has great teeth
  11. Please don't bring back Lucy, she was nice but just not for Raj in my opinion, I found her very annoying. She is actually just under Priya of a level of annoying to me. No one can beat Priya....so far...but Lucy is pretty close.
  12. QUESTION! (if no one has already asked) When do you think Shamy will say I love you!? I think it may be a while down the line. But just imagine it, Amy...I...I love you! We'll all be in wonder land! I mean the last episode when Sheldon said all I can think about is kissing you on the lips (in Amys day dream) My eyes grew very big and attached to the screen haha with a ooooooooo,then awwwhh never mind It will be a very big special moment.
  13. To be honest I liked it when she was more robotic, she is still one of my favourite characters. Her mind/ personality is less 'robotic' with the influence of Penny which I don't mind. But she could at least still talk like she used to, her speech has completely changed. But im not going to stop loving her quirks :
  14. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDD IT! Fantastic episode, laughter and tears, it had the package :D Simon is actually a pretty good singer, even in his last song to Bernny in the cheesecake factory. This song made me laugh and tear up 'still live with his mom' really funny, loved it when they all joined in. Bet it was hard to remember that song! Will deffo be watching that episode over and over. The end just made me L.O.L with Amy day dreaming, when it resumed from the day dream me, my mum and my sister where all squished against the screen saw it wasnt real and all said AWWWHHH at the same time haha. To good to be true Awesome episode :D
  15. My god this episode was funny! Bernadette just made L.O.L :D Howard and Amy where so embarrassing to watch but very funny, love their performance at the end with their cute jump haha. When Leonard dived on the sofa for the coin and then they where all scrapping over the area, so funny :D I really wanted Penny to say that she figure out some of it though.
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