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  1. Just loved this episode! Smiling and laughing throughout the entire episode :D I liked Amy in this episode, she talked more like she did when she began. Howard suggesting to Sheldon to comment on Rajs mother was just too funny! that whole scene made me laugh, more jokes in this one which has been lacking in the past ones. Leonard on that exercise machine! The dress Penny was wearing was pretty darn ugly!, but she pulled it off. Just me or Leonard looking a little chunky?....
  2. I'd like to know where this twins idea came from!? Unless everyone is thinking the same idea, penny is having twins :D Sheldon and Amy's wedding - and Amy whispers in Sheldons ear this is better than the four year plan. Sheldon and, or, Leonard have a big break through and win noble prize. Like peoples idea of Penny and Leonard having a child and he says their babies are smart and beautiful, Howard finally gets Phd, and pretty much takes proof with him when ever he sees Sheldon. Maybe move in big house with berny? Raj.. who knows not much going on for him...I hope he finds someone. And right at the END the screen goes black and comes back on, the boys are older, and are all at a comic con/ star trek convention or any convention dressed up and Leonard says do you think we are a bit to old for this now? Sheldon " Yeah! ...BAZINGA" Howard "Never too old, besides we have to dump our kids somewhere, day care is expensive! Raj - shakes head Pennys kids run by? ... who knows all we know it all STARTED WITH A BIG BANG! BANG! Spent my whole life collecting comics books...life well spent! (only kidding just thought it was a good simpons quote to put it lol)
  3. What really surprises me and love Shamy even more, is when Sheldon makes the move! Last episode of Season 5 when he held Amys hand <3 my mouth just dropped, and every one in my living room went awhhh. *hand on chest* When every one else held hands the room was silent lol All though I know some people didn't like that Sheldon did this.. not to sure why other than someone said it was'nt like Sheldon. Well to that I say pffft! thast why it was so good, It was a fantastic turn and made our hearts melt. Damn it! Just thinking about *sniff* or when he said I need you (but wasn't what we thought, he needed a ride lol) still it was all serious *blubber* :') , our little Shelly is learning <3
  4. Sheldon and Amy, Shamy! Oh I don't like that don't do that

  5. I think Sheldon would be against it, but will come around with some kind of comprise like at the Halloween party. There so cute! Loved it on the latest episode when Sheldon said something like is it also a rule for a boyfriend to hold his girlfriends hand at the cinema, pawing at my hand. haha how cute pawing,
  6. Bit random but he's looking a little chubby, not his body but his face. When watching season 4 or any before he looks quite good. Just like when Jim went quite fin in one of the seasons. He was so cute when he dressed as Frodo and then Penny's boyfriend threw him at Sheldon haha
  7. Poor Amy used as a human shield lol, my question is which I mentioned on the episode thread, what do you think Sheldon would do if Amy was threatened? lets paint a short but relavent picture, Sheldon and Amy are walking home Thug- Give me your bag lady! Amy- Eeek Sheldon do something! Sheldon- ........................... and action
  8. Not the funniest episode but still funny, just chuckle laughs. Battery operated chew toy! hahahah :D Show him the closet., poor Amy being used as a shield, I wonder what Sheldon would do if Amy was being threatened, put his hands up to milk a giant invisible cow? Howard looked taller than normal:P I really want to know what was in that letter now, I think that Bernys was the true answer, I think there was more than one true answer.
  9. Im still very glad they are together and that Amy was brought to the show, But her speech, the way she talks is different now I loved it when she talked like Sheldon..bold, to the point no concern in whats shes saying and in a way robotic like. She speaks normal now but I guess thats Pennys influence? I also like the fact that relationship is going slow, means more supprises for us and its just right for them. Still Shamy all the way, lets turn back robotic
  10. Never liked Charlie Sheen, never really found him funny. Well I don't really like two and half men but thats me. He must be Jealous. Now Martin Sheen, hes good mainly because of his appearence in Mass Effect as the Illussive man for me
  11. Romance Nija! ya! Another Great episode, loved Amys Valentines gift :D
  12. Loved this episode! LOVE not LIKE It was so funny, especailly when Sheldon thought he was dumb, and I loved the conversation about Sheldon's physical relation ship and Penny says shes shes glad shes had this conversation with him and Sheldons at the fridge and points to her and makes a noise like eyhhh. Felt sorry for him when he cried, the thing I miss about Amy is her way of speaking, its not as simple robotic if you will you as it used to be. It does not bother me that much but I enjoyed it when she talked that way. "Squishing all the dersiable parts on her body"
  13. Loved this episode! So funny :D Sheldon and Leonard where quite unattractive dressed up as next generation, Howard was cute with his goaty. could not stop laughing, the girls ,made me laugh especailly when Berny said to penny you about the red hulk you don't know his life! I felt sorry for them all when they went to the cafe and they felt stupid bless.
  14. LoveShamy


    Err I think that makes sense.. never the less I put the full quote in to avoid any confusion if someone else was to join the discussion.
  15. LoveShamy


    I was sharing that, that specific sentence made me think, the rest was irrelevant to me but if this is misleading which I can see how it is I will put the rest of the quote in and I can see your point.
  16. I like that t shirt... play.com maybe?
  17. LoveShamy


    I understand. This thread has no question, a question has just been assumed.
  18. LoveShamy


    I did not misconstrued, you misread the what I wrote or jump to a conclusion. I only used the beginning of the quote because it is that bit what made think. And if you think this is an argument then you take this way to seriously. This is just a discussion. People may have strong opinions but no arguments are made.
  19. LoveShamy

    Sheldon Response

    lol, He probably would not get the joke, and probably say something like He would never need help because he would not of got on the horse in the first place there for no need for exchange in favour of what he thinks 'helping getting off the horse'.
  20. LoveShamy


    There was no question to this thread really, the thread is not just about Shamy, I just used feelings for Amy as an example.
  21. LoveShamy


    O don't worry, I have written many posts and read many with in this topic and I know how people can react differently which is why I wrote what I did at the bottom of thread. It is a very interesting topic because people see Sheldon in different ways, have there own opinion of him, which is why threads like this can attract people. I wrote this thread because because I have seen many post's that are frustrated with the fact that Sheldon is how shall we say.. growing and they don't like it, normally bashing Amy which I like to defend Shamy as do many. I like what you said about how Sheldon handles his emotions, well said
  22. Cannot wait for this episode! :D Sounds to funny Also where do people read the taping report and scripts? if anyone be kind enough to share ^w^
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