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    Right, sorry for the vague topic I was having trouble finding the topic to post this on, which may be easy for some to find on here, but I gave up looking and just started a new one, so forgive me. Any who.. I was watching The big bang box set season 4 The Zazzy Subsiituation I think it is called the one where Sheldon and Amy fall out and Sheldon buys a load of cats and gave them cute Jewish names Many people have disagreed with Sheldon doing certain thing because apparently that is not him and does not make him as unique, such as showing feelings towards Amy ect. Well in this Episode his mum said something that just made me think.. so true. She says, "oo he think hes such a smarty pants, hes no different from any man,You tell ‘em not to do something, that’s all they want to do." .. Just made me think he int really any different, other than his personality I just wanted to share that, and this only my opinion so please if you disagree with what I have wrote then disagree nicely, Thank you
  2. In mostly US programmes, they never seem to take their shoes off.. in UK programmes when some one is sat in their house they don't have shoes on. ??
  3. Just thought I add as someone mentioned about they way they make the characters look. When a character is ill it looks so real! or that time Penny became obsessed with the barbarian game and she looked so messy and tired and defiantly hooked! :D
  4. Howard made me laugh so much with the worm :D Amy and Sheldon made me feel embarrassed to watch it but in a funny way, I was covering my face laughing. I wish Amy was a little less eager, but that spanking was cringing funny! Sherm the worm
  5. Amy is the best! I just love her comments, they are so funny and quirky and when she is the girls ahah, Just can't top Shamy! <3
  6. Loved this episode! All three of the girls made me laugh so much! Howard and Sheldon, just too funny! revenge is best served nude. LOVE IT :D
  7. Cannot wait for this one! Sheldon nursing Amy how amusing! I can see him being no help at all to her, very funny. and a awkward fishing 'chip' lol (that was actually mistake but I found it funny so I'll keep it in) with Howard!
  8. oo I see, so a random person wrote it. Thank you.
  9. An interview with Mayim. Liked this bit in particular How do you think Sheldon’s character has changed now that he’s met Amy? How has the character of Amy changed since developing a relationship with Sheldon? Sheldon is exploring parts of his psyche he never considered and Amy is too. Sheldon has experienced jealousy, romantic stirrings, and the notion of camaraderie with a female. Amy, as we know from last season, experienced sexual arousal for the first time. So there's that. more at http://www.glamour.com/sex-love-life/blogs/smitten/2011/09/the-big-bang-theory-mayim-bial.html
  10. I have read most post's but still can't find the answer to my question if one of you can answer please? Who wished Mayim would date Jim? Bless her, im glad she has good friends to support her.
  11. Hi all, ShennyxBazinga posted this video on a picture thread and I watched it,..........I just loved it! They really have some moves on them (Jim is stood at the back) They all look like they are having so much fun. Johnny has a good spin on the floor, Simon and Kunal are fantastic!. Kaley, Mayim and Mellisa brought it! Just thought I would share for those who have not seen it. The video shows that cast and crew dancing to a range of songs on set. Like ShennyxBazinga said well worth a watch.
  12. Amazing video! Go one Johnny with his swirl on the floor! :D Mayim can really shake it! There all good. Why was Jim stood at the back? Bazinga!
  13. *points finger* Fit There all rather strapping Penny Looks beautiful Lenny and Shelly, looks really sexy in some of them. Howys hair looks really good all ruffled up dare I say hes actually a rather hansom chap Raj, share some of that coffee
  14. Here we go again.. Sheldons changing bla bla bla. Like I say and as do many others, Amy is not the only influence on Sheldon becoming a bit more interactive and social and what have you. It is mainly Penny. He touch Amys hand.. woo hoo calm down there Sheldon any would think you just hopped into bed with Amy. Sorry if this sounds rude, that is not my intention. I respect every ones opinion and I am just sharing mine. And the death situation on the TBBT,sounds interesting, like some one mentioned his meemow (however you spell it.) but that may be to sad Im adding this picture so I can get it my media file.
  15. Love Love Love her! Makes me laugh. This question has came up a lot of times Someone wrote why I love Amy thread and it was fantastic. So I think you should read it. I get why some people think she can be annoying but she makes the show even funnier in my opinion, her comments are funny. Hint from my name, I love shamy
  16. Denied! Only joking I have the box set and some of the episodes are slightly different to the tv versions. For example they might say something that is a bit rude so they will cut this out for broadcast viewings but it is still their when you purchase dvd or itune version.
  17. LOVE IT! Just could not smiling and laughing the whole time! :D Sheldon drunk too funny! :D
  18. Looks like JP/Sheldon is kissing back, his lips are pucked up lol, did look a bit painful. ..I had a dream about Sheldon last night, and it is so annoying! because I just manage to get over dreaming about him.*whistle* ....Its weird because I love Sheldon but find JP attractive lol... do you know... *tut* It was probably because I was thinking about that great fan fiction someone did .. it was some on here, might even be you.. the one about Shamy and the pillow and rocket dream
  19. I noticed it the first time I watched the show, do you mean where he twiddle his fingers together or holders his thumb and first finger all the time? I find myself asking all the time... is it part of the character, nerdy nervous maybe..
  20. I shared it from a group on facebook Love shamy group, did you post it on there, because thats how I came across it lol :D
  21. The thing I miss about Amy is the way she talks is different now. She used to talk quite scientific and wouldnt say robotic but you know what I mean. Still love her though. I think Jim looks really good with a little beard going on and Mayim is looking good inst she. :D
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WweHNoQVb7o
  23. Just watching some clips of Mayim in the programme Blossom. She was cute and funny! I never watched the show probably because I was just a baby. Just wondering if you guys ever watched it or what you thought of her? I never knew who she was until TBBT, She's such a natural.lol :D Mayim <3
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