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  1. Really pissed with CBS channel web .. arhhhh!

  2. Leonard and Penny! <3 sounds very cute when it says he is like crying at the fact that Penny said he loved him :D
  3. I have to agree with phantagrae, every show is pretty much relationship, you never see a show about people not interacting with the opposite sex and not getting a bit lovey dovey. Otherwise what are you actually watching? (unless its a kiddy show) Even films about animals have relationships, because that is life. The show would be very unrealistic if the boys did not meet anyone. You can't always help who you meet or the way you feel about them it is just natural, although Sheldon may not appear natural he has a heart, he breathes and talks just like any other Human so he should not be restricted from emotions and relationships because he is a little different and is not greatly keen on interaction. And I do still find the show very funny. It is only early in season 6 so it can still get funnier. Off subject, Jim looks yummy in my picture
  4. I am watching it right now, Hoping to see him tonight.
  5. I just love your little animations :D where do you get them from?
  6. Loved this episode! :D Loved it when Penny beat Sheldon at wrestling and then he got attacked with kisses by Penny and Amy lol the pie eating best challenge. Poor howy
  7. Leonards eyes are like my boyfriends eyes when the glasses come off their eyes are small and beady but beautiful. I like Leonard wearing glasses he looks cute, looks odd with out them but only because you see them on all the time. It is his character Johnny does look handsome when not wearing them and he has a rugged beard going on.
  8. Tighty whiteys are just the worst, They are what toddlers are made to wear men should not be wearing them. Just very unattractive lol they are like budgie smugglers which men should not wear either when swimming, I am sure it would affect the growth or something would be affected if you what I mean Yes Spider undies for Sheldon or flash.
  9. I have noticed this too not holding chopsticks correctly or even eating with them, and its not just with chopsticks, whenever they have food normally when out of the apartment they just poke the food on their plate and move it around. The only time you ever really see them eat is when they get take out in the apartment. But I think your right, they may not tend to eat because of their lines and in the bloopers Leonard has food in his mouth and misses his line. Cute
  10. I think they should leave you wanting more but not the point where it leaves unsatisfied. Bring on more! at least 25 min and then 5 min for advert.
  11. I felt that too with the last episode.. it felt much shorter than others..
  12. I agree, Two and half men in my opinion is not good.
  13. I think I understand... In the werewolf transformation episode he explains he must have his hair cut.. its looking a bit long and droopy lol I like it shorter.
  14. The episodes really are getting shorter they range from 19 - 22 minutes. I find my self thinking was that it! I watch it on CBS website, and if you have been on there then you know they throw a load of adverts in every 5 minutes so then I really do feel ..what actually happened in this episode.. where did the time go! I just think they need to be longer, normally a tv show is at least 28-30 minutes, just imagine how much stuff they could get in, in that time. Unless it is timed this way so it does not clash with another show.. but still *huff* not enough. Do you feel that TBBT episodes are a bit short?
  15. I am quoting all the time and not just from the TBBT - films, tv programmes even from tv adverts, most of friends do it too, especially me and my sister. When I quote from TBBT some people are like ...what? .. so I have explain the episode (I watch it more than them) and they go oooo yeah! Then I am like seriously guys.. not cool aha
  16. 1- Sheldon - You know why 2- Amy - Funny and quirky 3- Leonard - the most normal one out the boys he's sweet and cute. 3- Penny - The only thing I do not like about Penny is when she does a facial expression where she pouts her lips and then chaps them, she normally does it when something annoying to her has been said about her. The most normal and funny. 4-Bernadette and Howard are on the same level for me. Love it when Bernadette's voice goes angry :D 5- Raj - He is funny at times, but not much is been done with him so he's at the bottom for now.
  17. I am keeping this simple. Amy is the best, she is funny. nerdy and works very well with Sheldon. :lol: Makes the show even funnier. or Should Penny be the only female in this show? "Gather round boys!"
  18. I really did laugh when Howard was talking to Bernadette, just too funny! I liked this episode, Amy "that skanks your problem, not mine" (or something like that) made me laugh :D
  19. They just make its so real don't they :D Like you said they did not need to add the bottle but they did which just makes even more realistic and that much greater
  20. He looks at her like he does with no one else. Its so believable which I think with Jim and Myium been good friends makes it more believable. His eyes just become locked and still with her. Then he does a cheeky smile <3 I have more to say but I am going to start blubbering soon lol
  21. Amy looks like she has lost weight. She looks really pretty those CBS pictures. Leonard looks so cute in that picture where he is sat of the sofa with Sheldon. Ovs Sheldon looks great.
  22. Love Leonards pie face :lol: Amy and Leonard wheres wally haha love it. Amy needs to watch out for Penny not some random assistant for Sheldon hehe. Sheldon looks scared, bless him.
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