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  1. What a message They must be watching another show.. how rude tut tut.
  2. Your welcome I hope that you will continue to write them :D
  3. From what you read? like a script page on a site?, if so do share the link hehe. This episode sounds great :D I wonder who will win or who will storm off in a mood.
  4. Cannot wait for this one! :D Its going to very interesting and exciting and bet it will just be so funny Someone did a reallllly good fan fiction on Shamy, it is on the Amy and Sheldon sleeping together form. (don't worry the fiction is not about them two sleeping together) It is just really funny and well great :D I think it was created by phantagrae
  5. fan fiction of Shamy

  6. I just love love love it! I have not read all of it yet because I am at uni in a lesson lol but im at the part when Sheldon is telling Leonard about the pillow. People are looking at me weird because I am giggling in excitement! hehe. This is so good, this should be in the actual show. You have wrote it exactly how Sheldon and Amy would speak I feel like I am watching it. :D Continued - Just finished it I wish that would be a scene. Very funny, exciting and sweet :D
  7. Im reading all these comments about fiction of Shamy I am guessing and I am thinking where is it!? :D I'll click that link from the comments above :D
  8. My thoughts exactly Jeanalice. Why does Amy get blamed? Penny is more of a distraction than Amy, she is there 24/7. I hope they do get closer but keeping their nerdiness like they always have maybe a good old smooch.
  9. I loved it! I was smiling all the way through and giggling at Amy and Sheldons comments. A girlfriend ring love it! made me lol and Amy would of exactly shouted what she did at the end :D I could imagine everything. great stuff, keep it up!
  10. ooo I see Thanks for clearing that up. In the UK its mostly manual.
  11. I mean when they drive, they speed up so they should be changing to higher gear, so moving the gear stick in different positions even when they come to park . They might do it, but I have not noticed it. Not like it is a big deal but I just thought I would add it in case they do actually do it. Yes! The facebook was great, it looked very real, I forgot about that one, thanks for adding it :D
  12. I love certain props on this show, how they do things and how realistic the environment is. Good points - - They actually use their keys to lock and open their doors! In most shows they don't do this which annoys me because it's like their city is too safe to lock their doors, TBBT puts in the effort to do this -They make food (or at least eat it), there is food and drink in the fridge. -That time they showed Read Dead Redemption gameplay 'Sheldon clearing his head on a awalk' -When they are on their laptops, they are actually on and not just a black screen. -The car drives are quite realistic they are not swerving the wheel here and there like woo where are they actually driving! like in some shows like in how I met your mother ect. The background looks pretty good too. -The cheesecake Factory is quite realistic too, but I don't see how their table would always be free when they go to eat there but that's not too much of a big deal. -When they are outside like when they fly kites, the park looks pretty good and real. -Apartments look great! science and geeky stuff around in it and pictures on Pennys fridge! which I thought was really good :D There are probably a lot more good points, so Ill let you guys add what you think is realistic about the show. Bad points- -When they slam doors, or even just open them the apartment walls wobble a lot, sometimes they look like it may fall down. -When they drive I don't think they actually make it look like they change gear, but that again is a small detail that does not bother me, just thought I might add it Yeah so over all I think the show is very realistic with its props and environment ect. What do you guys think?
  13. urghh! want to put a BBT wallpaper background on but it won't let me, so sticking with Amy and her tash finger :p

  14. I love that scene too! :D I did feel sorry for Stuart bless him. Sheldon insults him and hes sat there like whats happening? I like it when Amy leans over to Stuart side and then Sheldon say's *fine!* and she leans back over to Sheldon. Poor Stuart.
  15. :o I am offended you would suggest that hehe, Just rooting for the Sexy Praying Mantis and the Vixen, Goooooooooo Shamy! lol I have just noticed, Berny in your motion picture (signature thing) she isnt even doing the sad puppy face, she looks scared lol Amy nailed it hehe.
  16. Jim and Myium are actaully like best friends as well or so they say and how they act with each other.
  17. Hehe It is a good video isnt it, when I came across it, I thought it was perfect - share! (although some scenes are are made to miss interrupt) eg Sheldon moping on his bed while Penny re-ensures him makes it look like its about Amy but its not, its about Leonard messing with his results at the North pole. The Video just really explains and shows the relationship between Amy and Sheldon Amy being the only exception It also shows that Leonard and Penny are like mother and father to him at some points - they argue, upset Sheldon he runs away they find him and buy him a toy and comic to make things better, put him to bed take him to Disneyland ect. Just such a great video. Shamy! <3
  18. Or when they lose Sheldon and Penny is looking for him ' he looks like a giant praying mantis' aha
  19. Respecting all opinions here but I agree with phantagrae. After all Sheldon did not want to talk to Penny in the first place Leonard did. But when Sheldon was told about Amy he was not bothered until he was introduced to Amy, and as soon as she talked he was interested.
  20. I agree. Amys behaviour may seem Lesbian but I think its only because she really does worship Penny, she is a friend she has never had, someone she wanted to be when she was younger. Amy does not know a great deal about social concepts and boundaries so does not exacalty know what is appropriate like Sheldon, but I do know what you mean, when she mentions rolling around naked in mud for hen night type thing for Bernys wedding and always complimenting Penny's looks. But I do believe its just because she can't believe Penny is her friend. I think she is more attractive to Sheldon 'sexy praying mantis' other wise she be would asking Penny to have her way her in a motel across the street rather than Sheldon. She loves Sheldon all the way! <3
  21. O good Sheldon is like a sexy praying mantis <3
  22. ^^ Lady-Geek, I think your over thinking it slightly. Sheldon gets angry, upset, excited and seeing new emotions makes it even more interesting.
  23. That sounds or seems to me sarcastic lol
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