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  1. And when they do have Interviews even when they are separate interviews Jim always says and so does Myaim they just love love Shamy. they love working with each other and they always seem to be laughing with one another
  2. Boo, your not a team player. Only Joking Go team Shamy! <3
  3. Sheldon is like a sexy praying Mantis :p

  4. You might as well as said Sheldon should have no friends either, all he knows and cares about science. His friends impact on the way he acts especially Penny and Leonard so Amy is only a small part.
  5. quote from zoolander "he's so hot right now" Is what I was thinking when watching lol
  6. When Sheldon said 'Please don't hurt my friend' I went awhhhhh! <3 I like it when Sheldon calls Leonard his 'little buddy' so cute
  7. When I look into your eyes, and you look into mine, I don't feel quite normal. I feel stronger and weaker at the same time.

  8. Love your animated motion picture by the way :) and the episode one season 6 quote by Sheldon :D

  9. I love it when he cries and acts and Penny rings up his mum "I think I broke your son" lol When Sheldon does impressions of his mum and dad its so funny! Then Leonard and Penny buy him a robot and comic at the end because they kept fighting. (another example of Sheldon and Penny's relationship mother/son leonard dad/son in that episode)
  10. Having to post again as it would not let me post 3. Lucky hunch. little idea anger
  11. Talking in non romantic terms. I like seeing Sheldon expressing anger or him being upset because you don't normally see him have a hissy fit. What do you think? "Ill tell you what's making Sheldon cry, that I let you name him Sheldon!!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQSccPapI5g "Not my fault every round here is dumber than a bag of rocks"
  12. I had said they I said they had a brother/sister or mother/son TYPE relationship I did not say they was like incest...
  13. I agree, Penny is starting annoy me Does want Leonard or not! Poor guy.
  14. Just watch this today, I felt sorry for Sheldon when he said please don't hurt my friend. Anywho I liked it, however I do understand when people say its showing a lot of relationship scenes, Don't get me wrong I loveee Shamy scenes and some Penny and Leonard scenes, but I want more to be going on as well.
  15. Hehe I love revenge! Its on every Monday night over here. I love Nolan I did like Daniel till he did that interview and lied to save his dads company! :o
  16. I like that video because all clips are matched with the words in way. Talks about their life, lonely and ect then the only exception lyrics comes up and shows Shamy I have also posted another Shamy video on a thread I posted its more sad because of the music but perfect for it. Its on my cast and Crew - Thread - Jim Parsons Gangnam stlye. :lol:
  17. this music video kind of shows that Penny is like a older sister/mother type relationship with Sheldon. Amy and Sheldon - only exception.
  18. If you have seen the orignal dance.. its not exactly dancing more of a riding horse type motion. So he did it pretty well.
  19. Great thread! Love these pics :D Simon looks quite yummy in some of them with his beard Love the top button one undone on Jim and the one where the cast is on the golf cart. Love them all!
  20. Just wanted to show you guys this! Jim Parsons South Korean Gangnam style dance. Just love it! :D Im not going to lie.. I tried doing that dance at Uni today. Now do the sexy and I know it dance lol He does do the OGS dance longer but this is just quick clip.http:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KJgBOgXlhU https://www.youtube......<br /><br />Thought I would add a cute Shamy video with a great song that just fits perfect. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDiImvvZFqA
  21. Same.. what is it... I don't know why I did not like Stephine.. it was her personality and the way she acted with Penny I think.
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