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  1. Just a discussion about comic con. I would travel from UK, England if I could get my hands on comic con tickets to the big bang theory. Why can't England have them too, if they do I am shocked Who has been and what was it like? or who would like to go and if you had a chance to ask a question what would it be? I watched it on youtube and so wished I was there! (the presenter was very annoying on it)
  2. Although I respect your comment I disagree, I loved this episode and I thought Sheldon was still the same just because he engaged in talking about intercourse he was a different? no, he was the same and funnier and amy was funny. Sheldon is still human don't forget that. Yes he did lie and he went over bored as he normally does and does not understand what is appropriate and what is not (which is how he acts). Amy is amazing and In my opinion has made the show even funnier. Its like Sheldon has a intelligent young mind trapped in a grown mans body and he is slowly growing up in a way.. that may sound a little odd. Either way Shamy is the best!
  3. Totally agree! I really enjoy that episode in season 4 ... I can't remember the name something to do with desperate. But Amy pretends to her mother Sheldon is her boyfriend and he is on webcam to her and says he going to make love to her vagina, and have regular intercourse ahaha. so funny! There so funny together!
  4. Hint from my name I think the cutest is Shamy There so good together and funny and makes it very interesting and exciting. So I hope they will be more. (If you dislike Shamy please don't bombard me with the hatred of it, say who you prefer ) So who is the cutest and why? And they must be existing couples! Plus poor Raj needs a lady friend I do think Howard and Berny are cute in some ways, but Sheldon and Amy do it for me.
  5. :O No I think she is so so so funny. She makes the show which seems impossible better. Amy is just like Sheldon, and I like her and Sheldon together. I totally second that, CarlyJane19...Amy and Bernadette should both stay on the show...Especially Amy, though....She is helping us all to see a side of Sheldon that likely would never have materialized if she wasn't an official cast member...I love seeing this side of Sheldon and he does deserve to be happy (not just content) in his life and suffice to say, Amy makes him happy Thirded. For me it's more interesting than almost any relationship I've ever seen on-screen. It's just such an odd, off-the-wall connection, and yet clearly deep and (in their own way) romantic. This is really the first time in my life I've had any kind of 'shipping' feeling for fictional characters.. I tried to resist for a long time, but somewhere around 'you're a vixen, Amy Farrah Fowler' and 'you're like a sexy toddler', Pasadena's favorite power couple won me over. I find Amy and Sheldon much more interesting than penny and Leonard. I also agree Shamy are more interesting than err lenny? Sheldon is funnier around her. Plus Jim Parson says on season four special feature he likes it and hopes there will be more shamy. Amy is so funny and quirky!
  6. NOO! why do people keep saying that. Its kind of weird. Penny and Leonard sometimes act like there Sheldons mum and dad which is cute and very funny like when they argued who was taking him shopping. Or Penny and Sheldon show a sister, brother relationship. So defiantly no. not to mention it will totally ruin Sheldons and Leonards friendship.
  7. I think he should, he will not change if he did. I bet he would do it out of curiosity/experiment. He said he was not keen on exchanging saliva (kissing) but when amy kissed him he was fine and has not changed one single bit!
  8. That is so true! I love Amy and even more Shamy <3 Amy and Sheldon together. Amy makes me laugh so much she made the show even better :D I like that she is crazy like when she got the tiara from sheldon. She is a wonderful character.
  9. Deferentially more Shamy!!! Some of the best bits of season 4 and 5 are Sheldon and Amy. No matter what happens with them which I hope stuff will happen with Sheldon and Amy Sheldon will never change. Its great seeing them together and funny and cute. Like some one said in another post it would be nice to see Leonard achieve something in his work and maybe penny too!
  10. I posted the same brother sister type thing going on:) Shamy right? aha
  11. hmmmm People say they should not change Sheldons character so why change pennys? Her character expresses how much Sheldon is not her type in so many ways, they have more of a brother sister, mother son relationship in my view. But I can see where people get the idea from, their bickering ect. But no in my opinion.
  12. I just loved the last episode for season 5 I loved it when Amy was in her pink brides maid dress aha shes so crazy I love her! It was exciting that Howard was off to space and when the gang held one another's hand for the send off of Howard it was so sweet! It was even sweeter when Sheldon grabs Amys hand considering he is keen on hand touching ect. There so cute can't wait for season 6!!
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