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  1. Currently playing Hellboy: Science of Evil.
  2. Lol, no, suspected appendicitis, turned out to just be a slight kidney thing in the end though. And at the moment I'm playing around with my new iPad I got for my birthday lol
  3. Recovering from a very Pokey/proddy trip to the doctor.
  4. Because when the robot revolution begins, ATM's will be first. What is the name of the creatures that come to take the time machine away?
  5. Secret Agent Laser Chess, Secret Agent Laser Lunch, Secret Agent Laser Strip Chess. What does Sheldon accidentally say to Penny when he uses his computer to talk to her?
  6. Bubble Witch Saga, Slingo, Bingo Blitz and a few others very occasionally.
  7. Depends which but...yum. Bacon.
  8. I think I've owned about 6 or 7 too lol I'm looking forward to the new one though, it looks like it'll be a nice change of pace and have a little more realism to it too. Am hoping for a Metal Gear: snake Eater style bandaging and healing game but I doubt they'll do it lol.
  9. Tomb Raider Legend is a great game! Yeah it looks ropey as hell but its fun and has a decent story. As for me, I just finished Lego Batman 2.
  10. Yum. Goober burger (burger with melted peanut butter)
  11. TV. Too hot or too cold?
  12. Being inspired by Miss Nobody, I'm also making food lol.
  13. Sliced up hotdogs and homemade croutons. What does Raj offer to Sheldon in return for Sheldon being his wingman?
  14. Sweenaldo

    Portal 2

    Original Portal hooked me straight away. Was a nice change of pace to have to THINK during a game lol. Portal 2 was awesome, especially some of the voice work. Wheatley (Stephen Merchant) and Cave Johnson (JK Simmons)...both really good choices for their roles. I liked Portal 2 a little more tbh, but both are amazing. Am also looking forward to seeing what Quantum Conundrum is like...
  15. I can't get along with the likes of Towie and Geordie Shore and other shows that exploit the fact that its "stars" are generally a bit short brain wise.
  16. Watching Big Bang and waiting for Spain vs Portugal
  17. Counterfactuals? What was the name of Sheldon's Ostrich?
  18. Do you guys share any qualities, traits or quirks with the characters from Big Bang? For example, I am a weird mashup of Penny and Sheldon in that I am very untidy in general, like Penny and her apartment, but I keep Comic Books, DVD's and games in Alphabetical order on my shelf, and get a bit OCD over them, like Sheldon. How about the rest of you?
  19. Currently have We are Young by FUN stuck in my head!
  20. I'm browsing comic/collectible websites looking for the best price on Batman: Hush.
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