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  1. To relate to the comments on 2 and 3, I speak Sheldonian sometimes with my parents and boy do they get mad. On the topic note, I am not a fan of Amy whatsoever. The only time I really 'liked' Amy was during her tiara moment. "Put it on me put it on me!" That was the best moment of hers in my opinion. But I don't like the way that there are practically 2 Sheldons in the show. I know she's a bit more physical than Sheldon and of course has a more open mind to open relationships than he does, I don't exactly love her dry humor. But she has become such a popular fan to the Amy fans that elimin
  2. I think a movie would be good but also I think the same thing for Friends and a few other TV shows and they have yet to happen. Perhaps maybe after the show ends completely with of course those wonderful cliff hangers that they leave for the fans like they always do, maybe a movie could come out but you know they would be cruel to the fans and not have them make a movie until 2 or 3 years after the show ends. Plus, I don't exactly know what type of plot they would use for this?
  3. I've been a shipper of Shenny since the first season. However, the relationship between Sheldon and Amy has developed quite a lot since her first few times with him so I don't know exactly how (if they were to promote the relationship between Sheldon/Penny) they would break the relationship off with Sheldon and Amy without it being too cheesy. Also, although I would practically go into a fangirl frenzy if Shenny happened, I don't know how they could create a perfect set up without it being just WAY too cheesy.
  4. Dolly Parton as Meemaw would be fantastic. However I imagined his meemaw to be more of an elderly woman who is shorter than his mother and gardened alot. I don't know how to make that into a visual but that is what I got. However, if any person here had gone through the terrifying phase of watching Hannah Montana, the Dolly Parton as meemaw setting would make me think of Hannah Montana rather than the show.
  5. I don't hate Bernadette incredibly, but her noice has caused one too many hearing losses.
  6. I have recently started watching the show and since I got lucky with looking it up on the computer I was able to watch seasons 1 through 4 and partially 5. To be honest, there are times when I can't stand Amy and yet sometimes she makes me think of that totally fun upbeat nerd. I personally don't like what it has done to the show though. Too many relationships if you ask me. Bernadette(sp?) and Amy are too big of characters in the show to make it interesting for me. It is all based on relationships rather than the funny quantum physics quips. I still love the show, no doubt about that but it i
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