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  1. I agree each to there own but aswell there has been so many different doctor who actors and I could be wrong but im sure the original is dead I know they used james bond but come on it is james bond although possibly my least favourite james bond but that was not for me to decide
  2. I think it would be a good idea maybe take a trip to the cern super collider or penny leaves to go back to nebraska and the gang chases her down so Leonard can win her back
  3. Mr bean is just so much more deserving and I know no one will like me saying this but doctor who is way to overrated it is basically just the same story told over and over again just in a different way and got to ask what is WELTSCHMERZ
  4. I'm assuming you must not know about Mr bean he is possibly the greatest British actor of all time and doctor who really? Mr bean is way better than him a timeless British classic
  5. The women of team GB are doing good guys not so much It's the first day though so we'll see
  6. Hey guys how many of you watched the opening ceremony and what did you think? Looks like the games are going to be good this year COME ON TEAM GB
  7. Thanks a lot really appreciated
  8. Does anyone know if is possible to request a name change because I spelt kooth wrong lol if you do how? Thanks in advanced
  9. I'm gonna have to say me and Howard and bernadette because the way Howard has changed from a "pathetic creepy loner" into a normal (ish) loving guy and bernadette is pretty self explanatory
  10. On the episode were Leonard and sheldon go to do a speech I can't remember where and Leonard finds the letter in a bin why the hell is he looking in there anyway?
  11. Has anyone noticed that the blue top with a red flower pattern printed on the side that penny wears in I think the pilot Judith from two and a half men wears in the episode when Judith and her angry womans support group stops Jake from going to charlies does chuck lorre reuse cloths? Has anyone noticed anything similar?
  12. They could all go and see the large hadron collider in switerland which is where sheldon and Amy get married
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