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  1. Critics get paid for critic - as with anything there are journeymen and prophets I saw 2001 at a very early age {in the cinema ...so how old????} and was ...confused? I read the book and the film became clear - crystal clear Watched it again and ...WOW ! For motion pictures Kubrick is god {sorry Eric}
  2. Sorry but isnt this moving the show into -relationships- ? The fresh humour {for me} was the nerd(s) and their interaction with the real world! It wasnt relationships it was their {Shelly, Leonard, Howard and Raj] inability to establish a relationship with anyone non-nerd that was funny {really funny} The initial relationships {for all - excpet Penny/Leonard} was with an equally dis-functional person {again funny } as the relationship normalises the humor dies ,,,, and we have FRIENDS {sob} Live long and ....Oh please sort things out in S6
  3. Agreed, I love when they use science humor to highlight how smart the guys are. Just little moments - like when Penny was mixing drinks and Leonard says, "This drink is a wonderful example of how liquids with different specific gravities interact in a cylindrical container." Cracks me up. ....and then goes on to get a degree in the bleeding obvious in American Football - football in the UK is played with a sphere ....but it's still humour , alas relationships are .... slippers and menu-planning !
  4. I see a lot of the earlier series on repeats, then the science/nerd content was much higher... and {for me} the shows much funnier OK it's all based around stereotypes.. but the best {funniest} humour is often/always a stereotype abstracted ad absurdum ? Even the intro of the GFs {Penny excepted - she was the foil necessary to highlight the nerd} initially was good ...as they were equally sterotypically left-field Alas {as I have posted elsewhere - sorry for the repetition } the show is descending into Friends territory ... not good, less funny It just becomes easy-listening entertainment
  5. Get "some warm, soapy water and a couple of sponges" and find out for yourself! - water soluble clothes? Mrs Cooper's mild addiction?
  6. Pink Higgs or Bose? Try again ... Goats - better curry Higgs or Bose?
  7. As has been said Penny has plenty of heels [some not so cheap... the episode the shoes persuade her not to return them!] If we are talking about fashion crimes Howard has to take one for the team. Dr. Cooper on the other hand is sartorial elegance personified ...day to day the job and the broken lift are big factors
  8. I think I agree with the opening thread "And now we seem to be heading towards "Friends" territory ... when introduced the girlfriends were foils to the central characters and initially just a juxtaposition. Their development into primary characters seems to have caused Howard, Sheldon to fundamentally change. Amy herself has also shifted [similar to Sheldon].... maybe that is growing, but it isnt as funny. The whole point about all the primary characters and then Amy is that they werent grown up ... just very smart! I agree with the Raj comments - he seems in a cul-de-sac -- there is on
  9. Brilliant as The Prisoner is [was?] - I love it - dont see it figuring on BB .... no No.73 !
  10. ..big fan [aren't we all]... please be gentle So until I have some jibber-jabby to contribute I'll just be lurking
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