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  1. I'm not quite sure if I want a "The Big Bang Theroy: The Movie"... Making a movie from a TV serie feels like a "last way out to keep the viewers" for me (if that make any sense )
  2. Haha, that's an awesome little thing! Don't want it though ;P
  3. I really don't have any expectations, I just hope that Leonard and Penny's relationship will come to a finally end... Or, I mean, either they're together or they break-up.
  4. But not as much love for Stuart? Eeeeeehm ...noooo... Stuart is an OK character but I prefer more Kripke
  5. Making myself pissed. I should go out to the sun or something.
  6. I'd love to see more Kripke! Love that character! Love, love, love!!!
  7. Recently I asked my sister about this, obviously still a newbie here, and she said that she's been thinking about it too. Both she and my mom have been working with kids with asperger's for years and he's so much like them in some areas. But ummm, I guess we'll never know? I mean, it wouldn't make that such big difference.
  8. Oh, that's awesome! Congrats to both of them
  9. Yvette

    Howards Return

    ^Agree. I think that he'll be in space at least the first episode. Or I hope so anyway.
  10. I want Sheldon to initiate a kiss, definitely. No coitus in season 6 (though that'd be kind of ironic) That'd be a way to huge step for him I think. But ummm, I wish that he's starting to show a little bit more emotions towards Amy, but staying Sheldon to everyone else if you get what I mean
  11. Lovely pictures! Thanks.
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