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  1. When I was younger I bought the Olsen twins movies and used to always say I was buying them for my much younger cousin (I worked in the shop I was buying them from and was like 18 at the time lol). I hang my head in shame....lol
  2. Thank you thank you thank you Hope you have all had a lovely day xx
  3. Hi everyone. Thanks for the msgs :o) :o)
  4. Hi both Hope you are well and have enjoyed your day xx
  5. Hi all. Thanks for having me !! I first discovered TBBT about a year ago. My boyfriend suggested I watch it as he thought I would enjoy it. He was right !! I absolutely love it. I don't understand about 95% of what is said but despite this, I love the show. All of the characters are unique and likeable and the chemistry between the four guys as well as the chemistry between Penny and Leonard is fantastic. I adore the show and I'm so pleased my boyfriend made me buy the DVD of the 1st series !! I'm all caught up with it now and can't wait to see more !! Well enough of me and my rambling on....hope to speak to you all at some point. Nikki xx
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