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    Not much to tell (yeah right), I restarted my life about 9 years ago, after spending almost 5 months in the hospital with a fungus that started in my lung that spread to the INSIDE of my brain. The largest of the masses inside my brain was the size of a golf ball, and 10 more of gradually smaller sizes. The Doctors didn't think I would make it, BUT I have a GREAT wife who stood (and slept) by my side. And With GOD in control ALL things were/are possible!
    I play mainly the "games" because they are easy to type. When I type it's ALWAYS like playing Boggle, the way I see the keys, they are always moving around the keypad, dyslexic now I guess (among OTHER problems of the mind). BUT AT LEAST I CAN TYPE AGAIN, even if it's only with one finger. Only on a VERY good day can I do much more.

    PS for a much more detailed account of my (first AND my latest) illness, it can be found in the arena of CHIT CHAT, under the heading of INJURIES, ACCIDENTS AND ILLNESS at Post # 52 and Post # 57 !

    PPS, I go into it A LITTLE more detail about me (like I haven't said enough) in "The Getting To Know You" thread, Post # 70.

    PPSS, even more personal stuff in "Have You Ever?" post # 1097

    PPPSS If you want to see a SHORT story I did, then check out "Have You Got Any Pets" post # 29.

    PPPSSS I've been asked in a couple of PM's about my new (to this site) picture, so I figured I'd answer the questions here once and for all.
    1) Yes, that is a real live Burro.
    2) No, my wife does NOT consider this cheating !
    3) No it was not trained to do that. I was actually warned against doing it at all (I've never been a great listener).
    4)No, it was not in ANY way Photo shopped. It happened as you see it.
    5) yes, there was a trick to it. If you look in my left hand, you will see a small bag. In that bag is Burro Treats. I put a LONG treat in my mouth. And even if it looks like my eyes were closed, let me assure you my left eye was WIDE open.
    6) No, no Burros were hurt while taking this picture.
    Any further questions, feel free to ask away !

    As many of you know, I've been on vacation visiting a couple of hospitals (including tours in ICU's) for 2+/- months.
    I wasn't in any condition to go into great details, but let me assure you, I am now closer to healthy then to dead (which for a while was a very real possibly).
    I CAN say that my condition involved a simple (simple..ME?), gall stone removal, a MASSIVE infection, medically induced coma, and other ugly stuff.
    Which, I've said, can be now be found in The CHIT-CHAT Arena under the thread INJURIES ACCIDENTS AND ILLNESS Post # 57.

    My "newest" health issue, as of May Forth (May The Forth Be With You) is a hernia at the operation site of my gallbladder site.
    I have an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow.
    As most of you know, Any surgery is (for me) inherently very risky
    with unknown side effects each time.
    I'll keep you posted as I learn anything.

    I've been in & out of surgery again for said hernia and again had some side effects and posted them in a brief note on INJURIES, ACCIDENTS, AND ILLNESSES Post # 75.

    I have been hospital/ER free for over three years and counting ! As of about July 2018 "they" rethought some of my medicines and my OCD and some other issues of the mind are getting better.

    Thanks to all of you for your thoughts, prayers, PM's, etc.
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  1. walnutcowboy


    I still would have liked to have seen a two hour first episode, but after seeing the second episode I enjoyed how it ended. I think I can get used to this new DOCTOR if she can.
  2. walnutcowboy

    The Banned Game

    The writers of DOCTOR WHO are now unbanned. All is well in the world, except me, I'm still sick (LOL).
  3. walnutcowboy

    The In My Pants Game

    ELOISE says thank you LADY. She went back to work today and it looks like she is staying. She tried yesterday, but didn't even made it to the school she felt so bad while in her pants.
  4. walnutcowboy

    Last Person Who Posts Wins

    I can be sick and still win, you all take the chance of getting my germs if you try to take it back ! I win.
  5. walnutcowboy

    King of the Hill

    I'm glad the bag helped. I hope you are back to normal .
  6. walnutcowboy

    The In My Pants Game

    ELOISE has gone back to work, for a short while as they are looking to replace another full time teacher (go figure), but has been too sick to work since last Tuesday and is home today in her pants.
  7. walnutcowboy

    Last Person Who Posts Wins

    Thanks LIN, I sure need it now, ELOISE and I are both sick ! We TRY to pamper each other and at the same time try to stay out of each others way (we are both VERY cranky). I win. PS ELOISE came home early from work last Tuesday and didn't even go in today (she NEVER misses work) that shows how sick she is !
  8. walnutcowboy

    Last Person Who Posts Wins

    I remember when the only pills I used to take were kids vitamins. I win.
  9. walnutcowboy

    Last Person Who Posts Wins

    Night time meds. taken. Great news LADY . I win.
  10. walnutcowboy

    Last Person Who Posts Wins

    Yawn....good morning. I win.
  11. walnutcowboy

    Last Person Who Posts Wins

    Okey Dokey. But I win
  12. walnutcowboy

    Last Person Who Posts Wins

    FINALLY watching the last DOCTOR WHO from the marathon. I win.
  13. walnutcowboy

    Last Person Who Posts Wins

    Nightie Night. I win.
  14. walnutcowboy

    Last Person Who Posts Wins

    Our Prayers are with you LADY ! This is not our real life. I too have pain/problems walking, if you ever want to PM me we can compare notes of our pains and aches. I win.
  15. walnutcowboy


    I saw that too, but I think a bit sooner, along with Torchwood: Children Of Earth, all 5 days in 5 hours. As far as DOCTOR WHO episodes, they showed from Rose Tyler forward, with reruns (of said reruns (LOL)) during the late nights. It was nice to see plot ideas come full fruit in later seasons all crammed into 13 days (for me 15 1/2 days).

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