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  1. ALL of you have done a simply WONDERFUL job at keeping the this area BEAUTIFUL, and the rest of KINK OF THE HILL, not to say ALL of THE LAND OF GAMES going, without ME (LOL) ! You ALL saved my life & my SANITY more than you will EVER know !!! I am going to leave MISS KITKA my E Mail address just in case any one of my true friends ever want to get a hold of me. I love you guys, and "I'LL BE BACK", Mike
  2. YOU, will not win ANYTHING !! I WILL win the GLORY that I was the VERY LAST to post !!!!!
  3. UNBANNING EVERYONE because I still can (I hope) !
  4. I've missed ALL you guys in my pants ! NOPE, NOT changing a word !!!
  5. It will STILL end up being MEEEEE !
  6. Just have been waiting for Karen to win so I can STEAL the win !!!
  7. And a brick with DUNJA name on it has now been added to the Rainbow Bridge ! I'm sorry for your loss.
  8. I've missed posting here in my pants.
  9. Just BENNY made it as a Service Dog while in my pants !
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