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  1. False next person drives an import car
  3. Hi, hello, how are you?..... Oh yeah, welcome
  4. With cheese and bacon from McDonalds YUM anchovy pizza
  5. 606 After my bachelor party and before my wedding.
  6. The shortest verse in the bible consists of 2 words: "Jesus wept". John 11:35
  7. ^)@ It took me a second to see what you were trying to show me. BUT you have to remember that if someone adds to this thread WITHOUT adding a number then the "POSTS" will then be off a number! 604
  8. %(( We are closer to the end then we were yesterday. 601
  9. True The next person lives in a small town
  10. Thanks for your words of encouragement %(%, %(^, . There now that I've caught up 598. This is what I look like when SOMEONE skips numbers OR I just sat down in bed where the dog barfed. Are you stalking me? How are you getting these pictures of me?
  11. UK or USA version? The USA Mars Bar is different then the UK one. The USA type has only been making them since 2010 after being discontinued in 2002. Never tried either but I love candy so YUM in either case. Fish tacos
  12. False The next person is married
  13. If you ARE talking about Oreos then YUUUUUUUUUUUUM. I buy double stuff-Oreos, take off the top of 2 of them, then put the 2 creams together to get a quad-stuffed, then dunk. ONION RINGS
  14. 593....But how did you get a picture of me, right after my wife told me to take out the trash, or was it that my chihuahua just barfed on the bed?
  15. Being from California I have to ask: what are cream biscuits? Sorry to slow things down.
  16. YEARS ago, when work was slow, the company I worked for had given me a job that needed (A LOT) of parts soldered onto large circuit boards. I could complete2 boards a day. There was enough work to last 2 months. I asked my boss if I could take the parts home under the condition I would be done 2 weeks early. He agreed knowing that part of the time it would have taken to commute I COULD be working (for "free"). Once home, my wife and I set up an assembly line and while watching TV finished all the boards in 2 weeks. I spent a month home with my wife (with pay) and my company got their finished boards 2 weeks early. And when worked picked up I still had a job. A win/win/win situation.
  17. ?true? lobster. While on the subject the next person has crabs (HERMIT)
  18. Hi, hello, how are you? SUPER NAMe you got there. Oh, by the way, welcome. PS you don't sound British.
  19. She will graduate only if she doesn't ditch.
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