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  1. Precious says 591. It would kinda look like me, the way I feel some mornings, if it didn't seem so happy.
  2. Duckies are nothing to squeeze at.
  3. Thank you so mush. I love being spoiled.
  4. SPOILER ALERT: you may get your wish this season with the Weeping Angels in at least episode 5 when we "lose" Amy & Rory.
  5. Yes you can tell the different sexes. Here's a link with photos that describe the easiest way to tell if your crabs are female or male. http://www.hermitcrabparadise.com/crabcare/anatomy/gender.php That is a great site by the way. Better than any care sheet or book you'll find. It is possible to breed hermit crabs in captivity, but the proper conditions are difficult to replicate, and it is rare that the zoea live after hatching. If feeding and environmental conditions are right, male and female crabs will mate. However, to lay her eggs, and for the eggs to hatch, one must have a very complex marine habitat to care for them. The female would lay her eggs in a large salt water pool, which would need to be checked for PH and salinity often. It would also have to have tidal motion and wave action. The zoea need to be hand fed plankton and raised carefully until they become air-breathing specimens. At which point, you would need some very very tiny shells for the tiny crabs. On some hermit crab sites and forums, caretakers have reported zoea hatching, and some even living, but there are no official published documents on crab breeding. As a result of it's rarity and difficulty, all pet hermit crabs are collected from their natural habitat. You can however adopt hermit crabs, like you can every other animal. EARTHCAKE, Thanks for all the info. I hope you enjoy your crabs (hermit) for many years to come. Soft puppy, cute puppy, sleepy....
  6. As for me, I notice that the more I watch TBBT the larger my geek pie gets.
  7. Adhesive duckies really quack me up. Sorry, but it had to be said.
  8. EARTHCAKE, Can you tell the difference in the sexes of hermit crabs? Can you breed them at home? Just wondering.
  9. It happens every day in real life. The way Penny babies THE BOYS I think she might be a good Mommie. But lets hope I'm way out of line thinking that way.
  10. I Thank you and my OCD thanks you. But I Don't, yes, you do. WE all thank you! PS 589
  11. I'm not angry about it. I don't know if anyone is angry about it. I'm simply tired of the conflict that has no reason for being. Love is not simple. Nobody said it is. I've got thirty years on you and know very well love is anything but simple. Conflict will exist in relationships. That's a given. But the L/P conflict has no basis. Penny is pissed off because Leonard loves and is devoted to her and wants to know if she feels the same way about him. She does or she doesn't. That IS simple. She should commit to this relationship or let it, and him, go. You say you believe this is how the relationship will be like until they finally end up together. How will they do that? The only thing keeping them apart is Penny. What will change? What does Leonard have to do? I know, you do not have these answers. Only the writers would have them. Thing is, I don't believe they do. We know that Raj and Penny ended up in bed together because of an off-hand remark by Chuck Lorre. I wonder if the whole L/P breakup didn't happen the same way. They do a lot of things on this show on the spur of the moment. No thought about what has happened, or where things may lead.There are no answers because there is no plan. Not being argumentative. I enjoy your posts and you certainly have every right to see this as you do. We just see this differently. You're enjoying the L/P dynamic. I see it as unnecessary and detracting from the show. Oh, well. Such is life... btw; nice pics of Johnny in your signature! It's a show, we all have our opinions on it. I definitely understand and see why you feel the way you do though. To answer one of your questions however, about how they will keep the relationship on edge possibly until the end...it takes a long time for people to change, or notice their feelings, or make up their minds sometimes. Maybe the writers are going for that. Again, and I know a lot of people do this, I'm going to use Ross and Rachel as an example. There are fans that stayed with them, even though it wasn't until the end of a TEN YEAR show, we new for sure they truly loved eachother. It sounds a bit sappy, but as long as there are people who like that kind of stuff, the writers will put it in there. But again, people enjoy different things and there are many varying opinions on the whole thing on this board. It's pretty interesting to hear everyone's take on it, and in the end, I enjoy yours as well as others' posts. :D And thanks about the pictures. Really though, I have an entire folder with just him in it. Can anyone say PREGGY PENNY?
  12. If Penny is going to "mature" this season I wonder if she is PREGGY PENNY?
  13. THIS IS NOT A BUILDING. THERE IS NO BUILDING. GO FOR THE DROIDS INSTEAD. Okay I think I got it now .Thanks for the reality check.
  14. In your opinion is that a good thing or a bad thing?
  15. SURSONICA, Yes please, I love being spoiled. Just let me know where you post them.
  16. you, gimme cheese ( PS Thank you MOONBASE, it seems I can always count on you.)
  17. If you can get DR. WHO in Argentina, before the rest of us , how about starting a spoiler alert for it.
  18. Did I overlook the other 2 doors in your works? I'd love to see it. As Think I've said somewhere else to you about Apt. C & D., the floor plan cries out for more Apts. I've been in buildings with one main lobby and up to 4 elevators going to different areas (North, East, West, South Concourse). The "North" side of your building design looks too uneven to be the outside of a building. But i'm probably wrong.
  19. I wonder if in this case mature means pregnant?
  20. Wonderfully said! I hope she DOES becomes more of a (Mature) person.
  21. From what I've seen from the previews I would say A LOT "more bleedin' Daleks". FYI: You never sounded British to me.
  22. JUST IN: Season 7 will premiere on Sat. Sept 1 @9/8c on BBC AMERICA. At least in the USA.
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