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  1. I love being the last on a post.
  2. I just tried it again. It worked fine for me. You might try it again. As for the above comments, someone or another once said "you are not, as you see yourself, but you are, as others see you
  3. %*$, %*%. So, now, in MY mind, I'm all caught up. Now I can write %*& (oops, I mean 587). If I'm missing numbers being posted in this thread somehow, great, fine and dandy, BUT if skipping numbers is to annoy, NOT funny (at least to me). As you can see I have found ways around my OCD but I prefer not to bring my problems here at all..... Sorry if I'm too GRUMPY.
  4. I've seen your other works. You do such beautiful and detailed work. I was wondering, could you exstrapulate (sic) the floor plan to include another elevator north of the current one and add 2 more apartments. Would it fit? Would it fit in like a real apartment building? If anyone can it could it will be you. It would explain the amount of mail boxes.
  5. Yes, it can be assumed they "live" about 1 year per season. We know they would eat, sleep, talk, go to the bathroom, etc. without us. But any plot changes that happen, will ONLY happen when we are watching and not during the 167 1/2 they are on their own. Thus dragging out things that would normally be solved quicker in real life.
  6. I'm not sure where you live but California apartments are known for thin walls (at least some of the ones I've lived in). In the past I have been able to hear neighbors from across the apartment. If the bathroom were to be a little wider, Sheldon's room a little bigger and Leonard's just a bit smaller they could easily talk to each other. Architecturally speaking the South (down) side cries out (ALMOST DEMANDS) for 2 more units. I can see you spent a LOT of time on this. Great job!!!
  7. When we first saw Penny, she had just broken up with a guy she had been living with for 8 months. She KNOWS how to care, but with him cheating on her, the old saying "Once Bitten, Twice shy" could be very true. If TBBT were on 24/7 Leonard and Penny would have come to terms with each other by now, but it's only a half hour sitcom. Anything that happens is bound to take longer then in real life.
  8. I never see the skipped ones. My OCD goes into high gear if something gets skipped.(%*!). But it's OK I see it now.
  9. KYZZX, When you get back, PLEASE use the Season 6 spoilers to tell all. Does the spoilers thread have much in it? I don't want to be spoiled myself! Maybe I won't read anything and just post. From what I have read it just has the first episode.
  10. KYZZX, When you get back, PLEASE use the Season 6 spoilers to tell all.
  11. I have a Deer Chihuahua called G.G. (short for Good Girl). She was abused for her first 2 years. When we first got her, she totally ignored me, was afraid of everyone, would hide if she saw a belt. She still doesn't like belts, she wants everyone to pet her, and she would like nothing better then to be surgically implanted on my arm, so I would always hold her . She is also our towns security dog (yes, I know she's small, but we live in a small town).
  12. Hi, hello, how are you? Oh yeah- WELCOME!
  13. The simplest answer is usually the right one. I vote video chat.
  14. How tough was it to get tickets? What do you recomend to get tickets?
  15. KYZZX, you probably have the most awaited thread since this site started. Don't be late (please).
  16. When they do write it into the show, I wonder if it will be because Sheldon was driving Amy to show her how he feels about her by doing something he hates (is afraid of).
  17. Hi, hello, how are you? Your "Google Translator" is doing a great job. Without my "spell check" I couldn't be here. Thank goodness for progress. Oh yeah, WELCOME.
  18. As we speak I have been rereading JLA YEAR ONE (a revamp) with BLACK CANARY instead of WONDER WOMAN, whatever, no big deal. NOW the're revamped them AGAIN? $20 down the drain! I've been scanning the new DC and I'm NOT thrilled. I already have the original GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW stories, so no need for the graphic novel. When it comes out as a 1 book novel I might pick up the BEFORE WATCHMAN series. I will probably pick up SWAMPTHING, as long as his daughter doesn't exist, that was going TOO far even back then. Now for what I've seen of HAWK AND DOVE. No, nope, no way, not a chance (maybe in the quarter bin in 5 years). It ain't HAWK AND DOVE if it ain't HANK and DON HALL (DON was MY hero growing up). Also let it be known that I own a copy of: The DC Comics Encyclopedia - The Definitive Guide To The Characters Of The DC Universe UPDATED AND EXPANDED! How much is still "definitive" and "updated"? Was that also a BIG Waste of money too? How much of Sheldon's collection of DC comics is no longer "definitive"? I still think it will be more then he can handle! OLD SCHOOL DC ROCKS!!!
  19. I have a lot of time on my hands. As you know by now I love going back and revive old threads.
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