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  1. I know that comics aren't real but lets just pretend that 40 years ago I found a Dog, Chihuahua (DC) and I named it DOVE. For 20 years we were best friends until DOVE, trying to save others died and got buried. Fast forward to last Nov. when cloning became popular to everyone. I dug up Dove, got a few cell samples, went to Clones-R-Us and had DOVE cloned. Now cell for cell I have DOVE back. BUT its just the body NOT the mind (that I remember) of DOVE that I have now. With different memories DOVE becomes a Different Creature (DC). I MAY start having new adventures, but the old memories are still buried (except in MY mind). It will NEVER be the same. Without the past all DC has done was bury the old universe(s) and cloned a new universe (AGAIN). Sorry DC but memories mean something to me (and I think Sheldon would agree). PS I will pick up an issue or two just to check the "new" DC, but I'm not going to hold my breath.
  2. I don't see Sheldon being able to be outraged. I'm sure that DC Comics give permission to TBBT to use their names and likeness. With Sheldon (and the show) being so popular I don't think that DC wants (MORE) of that kind of negative press. HOWEVER, if Sheldon did indeed live in the real world, it would be like the world as he knew it would be destroyed. I don't think he COULD handle it. WHEN Sheldon defined "WELTSCHMERZ" to Leonard, it would never have been more true then now with him and DC 52. After all I gave up on DC years ago when they killed DOVE who was MY favorite.
  3. I think the fairies have relocated to San Fransisco. I'm not going to take sides, but San Fran has only so much square footage for toadstools. But on many (downtown) corners you CAN find 'shrooms.
  4. THEMIGHTYLIN, This may sound stupid, but is there anyway for me to get an autographed copy of your script? WHEN you get famous I can show everyone that I knew you when! I will gladly pay for postage and any other costs. You can Email me and I'll give you a PO Box you can mail it to. I'm not joking I'd really like a signed copy. Thanks in advance.
  5. Now that we know where the composite building IS, We need to find out where it SHOULD be. In the episode RECOMBINATION HYPOTHESIS, Penny drags Leonard into her Apt. When Leonard gets back into his Apt. he is "caught" by Sheldon. Leonard lies and tells Sheldon he went to the "Gas Station Across The Street". Later in the conversation Sheldon names the gas station as the "Colorado Blvd. Chevron". THE ONLY Chevron is on Colorado and Hill. But there is NO Apts. there, just the gas station (South/West corner), Jack In The Box (North/East corner), and 2 parking lots. Also no view of City Hall. So Loonard must have had a VERY LONG walk.
  6. SHELDON2.0, Go for the dream. Let me know what happens. Good luck. My prayers are with you.
  7. Hi, hello, how are you? Welcome. I think you have a great idea.I would love to see whats become of "the guys" say in 40 years. Who got (and stayed) married, who had kids (and what they are like), is Raj a total drunk all the time or did he become a Monk. So many questions, too few seasons. Maybe THEMIGHTYLIN could do a script about it, she is a gifted writer.
  8. How would you explain how your missing eye to the hospital staff?
  9. Learn young and live long. I too am ready for the return of JESUS. This body is wearing out too fast.
  10. GREAT job. The way you write, I felt like I was there! You got all their traits down perfectly. I can't wait to see more of your work.
  11. Meyim's fingers are safe, types husband.
  12. NEWS JUST IN: Mutant butterflies found near Fukushima Nuclear Plant! No nukes is good nukes? Check it out at www.fox.com DISREGARD THIS THREAD its not there! SORRY
  13. It's GOoD to hear others like CHRISTian contemporary too. If I could suggest listening to ApologetiX, their band is like a CHRISTian Wierd Al. 2 of their sons are BETHLEHMIAN RHAPSODY, and DON'T STOP 'TIL EGYPT. All their songs are great for nonbelievers as well as believers.
  14. As i remember the Stat Trek in Ca. was not as well done. I was once "beamed" up but that was it. I don't remember the show part at all. But my memory isn't as good as it used to be (sometimes i don't think it ever was).
  15. EARTHCAKE, when do we get to see another happy picture?
  16. I don't think that she will be hard to catch. But I wonder what kind of desription the clerk gave the police?
  17. EARTHCAKE, Take it from an old guy who has made more then his share of mistakes, that the old saying "youth is wasted on the young" is pretty well true. It may not help but MOST of us learn in time. Hoped you've worked it out by now. Good luck
  18. If Leonard, Raj, Howard (before getting married[iF they stay married]) , got "lucky" with every girl they had tried for, they WOULD make Penny look like a nun. Why do people think that guys that have sex are "sowing their wild oats" BUT girls that have sex are "sluts"?
  19. If Penny and Leonard DO get married I predict it will be the beginning of the end. In the past, sitcoms that have the main couple get married (I don't think Howard or Raj as the the stars {DON'T SHOOT}). Just look at the past. I Dream Of Jeannie, Mork And Mindy, just to name a couple, ended after they got married.
  20. EARTHCAKE, To me most of the series was horribly disappointing. Which is why I'll probably never watch it. But I would like to know how it ends!
  21. I'll probably never watch the final episode. Could someone sum it up for me?
  22. It's a blessing and a curse - MONK
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