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  1. Your wait is almost over!!! Please let me know if you get this. I care.
  2. Perhaps she really is a hooker. She could sleep days and "work" nights. To explain the boys not hearing her jumping on the bed, maybe she "delivers".
  3. EARTHCAKE, Sorry about that. Someday I'll get this right (maybe).[/align]
  4. Who would watch a show called "THE RICH AND NERDOUS" , "MILLIONAIRE PHD", or "BEVERLY HILLS ASTROPHYSICIST" ? Other then maybe me I mean.
  5. My name is Mike but my nick name is WC. Over 6 years ago I spent over 6 months in and out of hospitals, having Doctors try to figure out what was growing in my lung and what was causing unbelievable PAINFUL headaches. I was finally told I caught a RARE fungus. The next 4 1/2 months kept in the hospital trying to keep me alive. I was more or less told I might not be leaving on my own accord (if you know what I mean ). The largest mass ( not just inside the skull but growing INSIDE THE BRAIN ) was the size of a golf ball, then next 2 were the size of large marbles, then 2 small ones, followed by 6 pea size growths. Due to the pressure of the masses in my brain I became somewhat brain channeled and developed OCD . Upon release of the hospital (as an out patient ) I was told I developed PTSD due to the stress (who would have thunk it ). As of last year I had a Spinal Tap (the needle in the spine not the band ) and was told the fungus was gone. I still have scar tissue in my lung and inside my brain but it's now livable. It's taken 5 years to have the ability to use something as simple as computer again. It's still like playing the game BOGGLE as the keys keep changing places in my mind. I can only use 1 finger at a time due to that fact. Both OCD and PTSD is hard to deal with (as some of you know ). The new ways of processing my thoughts has been real tough on my wife too. She has stood by me throughout the whole process and slept on a gurney next to me on weekends during my stays in the hospital. I explain this to all of you so you can understand my ramblings. Thanks for reading. PS for those of you who have read some of my other threads i was a Christian before all this happened.
  6. My gripe for today is: When my Chihuahua read what DISGUSTED said in "The Never Ending Story" (POST 421) she hid under the bed.
  7. Now to start the arguing! Why not believe they will find life on Mars? After all they found a Coke can on the moon.
  8. walnutcowboy


    The subtitls beter b rite or mi signatur mite b speled rong.
  9. EUROPA, please read my very last post on this subject. You should be able to find the poem at the following. blog.kingori.co/2012/01/jesus-greater-then religion/ . It's the way I and the church that I go to believe. It's not a Church of sinless Christians- it's a Church of Christians trying to sin less. If ever want to take a listen it's at www.churchofthewoods.org. 11:ooAM Sun Calif. time. Sorry if I seem to be pushing too much. I'll TRY to soften if I'm upsetting you.
  10. I know there are many people who say they were/are christens but are not (past and present). I know people get confused with the the difference between religion and Christianity. The best way to understand' it in my opinion, is with the poem by Jefferson Betlke called "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus". Try it you might like it. It's on the net.
  11. Hmm. I thought Christians generally believe that the Bible, in its entirety, is the word of God. ? I'm a bit confused as to your stance here. Are you saying that nothing in the Bible was a rule given by God except "don't eat the fruit"? All those laws in Leviticus about what to eat and wear and how to treat your slaves and your wives, the ten commandments, all the teachings of the prophets and of Jesus himself about how to conduct yourself and treat others - just the words of men? (This is what I believe, but it was definitely my impression that this is not what practicing Christians think.) Your experience is different from mine. I believe most people are basically decent. Yes, we are all selfish and the challenge of life is to balance one's needs with those of others and the community. But there are plenty of examples of people performing acts of heroism, kindness, and altruism for the sake of total strangers with no motivation other than the desire to help a fellow human being. Feel free to pray for me if you feel it is a good and moral thing to do. Incidentally, it's not my intention to be argumentative here, or even to engage you in debate. Debate just entrenches people in the view they had in the first place; I'm not going to change your mind, and you're not going to change mine. I'm just airing my opinion, and I enjoy the discussion because I like to see how other people think. EUROPA, You are not being argumentative at all. It's nice to have a discussion with out the debating or the put downs as others have done. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding about "don't eat the fruit". I only used it as an example to show that ever since Adam and Eve we would rather sin than to do what is right. I don't want it to sound that everyone is evil because there ARE a great many people who do great and wonderful things. After the 10 BIG ONES, the last commandment (one that JESUS gave us) was "Love One Another As I Have Loved You. I DO believe EVERY word of the Bible (BASIC INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE LEAVING EARTH) as originally written as the true spoken word of GOD. I DO however have SOME complaints of the changing of words/meanings that some Bibles have done. I use a "STRONG'S EXHAUSTIVE CONCORDANCE of the BIBLE" to help me understand the Bible better. I DO NOT want it to sound like I'm a know-it-all about things of the Bible. I will tell it as I know it and research it as I need it. May GOD bless you and I hope to hear from you soon. WELTSCHMERZ
  12. Ha! That is a great answer. I may have to borrow it sometime (although the Jehovah's Witnesses that come to my door are very polite and never mention hell and damnation). I think this is more of a free speech issue than a religious issue. While I can't say I agree with his stance - the Bible clearly says polygamy is perfectly okay in the first two-thirds of it, although I'm not sure if that was still a practice in Jesus' time (point being, "God's definition of marriage" HAS in fact changed over the years) - nevertheless, he's entitled to his opinion. While I don't agree with it, I don't dispute his right to believe what he believes, and I feel the whole thing got blown way out of proportion. We still have the right to dissenting beliefs in this country. (I think.) Well, you can't prove there is a heaven or a hell because by definition they do not exist in this universe/time/dimension/plane of existence/etc. Doesn't mean they don't exist - just means it can't be proven. Thus, faith. I don't quite get this line of thinking. Why is it a waste of your life to be good if this is the only life you get? If you strive to live a good life because you feel it is your moral duty as a human being to be kind and generous and good to your neighbors, isn't that worth it for its own sake? Doesn't it cheapen that effort when the motivation behind it is fear of punishment or prospect of reward? Seems to me we should all aspire to be good simply because we can, and we should, and it's the right thing to do. I don't know what I believe about the afterlife. I think it's possible that the soul lives on, and I also think it's possible we have just invented this concept because the finality of death is rather intimidating. But since this is the only life we know for a fact we will have, shouldn't we spend our time focusing on what we can do to make it better for ourselves and others? I cannot simply "Believe" because I am told "This is true! You must believe or you are doomed!" I'd think God would know that I wasn't being truthful if I gave lip service to beliefs I don't have. If you're right, then I hope God will see my heart for what it is, forgive that I was unable to accept as fact the teachings of a book that seems to me to be heavily couched in myth and legend, and judge me according to my actions. One last note: I love the ancient Egyptian concept of the afterlife. Your heart (soul) would be weighed against the feather of Ma'at, the symbol of purity, justice, goodness, etc. If your heart was worthy, you would be sent on to paradise. If not, your heart would be devoured, and you would cease to exist. EUROPA, Please tell me where (chapter and verse) in the Bible GOD says polygamy is OK. I know in the old Testament it has a lot of polygamy but I don't recall ANYWHERE that GOD said it's OK. Going all the way back to the beginning of the Bible, GOD only had 1 rule: DON'T EAT THE FRUIT but because we are not GODs robots and were given free will we disobeyed. That doesn't mean HE was giving us permission to sin. Same with polygamy. By the same token, what % of people today want to go down the moral path? From what I've seen of this world MOST people are selfish and would rather "do what feels good" and couldn't care less for his fellow man. I have more to say but I am going to church now. I'll keep you in my prayers. WELTSCHMERZ
  13. I thought the "point" of marriage was, you know, love. EARTHCAKE, Great answer! I believe that we as Christians should love the sinner, hate the sin (INCLUDING OUR OWN). I should be able to ignore someones beliefs as I choose without it being thought of as a hate crime. I should also be able to speak what I believe without THAT being thought of as a hate crime. WELTSCHMERZ
  14. PROFESSOR, I'm NOT going to "get in your face" I would however like to give my opinion on a few things. I'm sure you have heard what happened when the CEO of CHICK-FIL-A when he said that he was for Traditional Marriage. There have been protests, graffiti, kiss-ins,etc.. How is it OK if I, as a believer, can't voice my beliefs without it being OK for nonbelievers to do that? I bet you've never had protesters at your place of business/home. I believe that anyone who gets angry at your answers is NOT acting very Christian like.I would, however, love to see how you prove there is no hell. Being a Christian doesn't mean I'm sinless it just means I try to sin less. One last point, lets say I'm wrong and you're right, what happens to me when I die? According to nonbelievers, nothing happens. I die, get buried, become worm food. That's it. No more. Finished. I wasted everything in my life and gained nothing, HOWEVER what happens if I'm right and there is a Heaven and hell? I will have wasted nothing and gained everything! If I AM RIGHT what happens to you? PS I'll be praying for you WELTSCHMERZ
  15. I'm not a religious fellow, eventhough I was baptized and my old man was Catholic and went through Catholic schooling growing up. My mother was a Presbyterian(sp?) but neither of them in my lifetime really practiced. We sometimes went to church when we were younger when we visited my grandparents on my moms side. Now that i've mentioned my "religion background" I will say my piece on the matter. I've never really met hardcore people regarding religion aside from maybe Catholics(and their brotheren Christians) but I would say the way to approach it should be Howard Wolowitz style. The guy is Jewish but cheats a little bit by eating stuff against his religion at times. I did say I was athiest but I should point out it's more of I don't care more than athiest. For me it really bugs me that one should live their life devoted to someone else who may or may not even exist. I know that those who care deeply enough can probably sway evidence that proves theres a god and that there isn't. I don't mind believing in something, that part is just fine by me. The biggest part of religion is all of the rules. I just believe in being a good person, nobody is perfect. I guess in the end my point is....you can watc it and disregard what is said. I would think most people would get the idea they are not trying to sell you anything. I think they have been in a church once and it was Sheldon's moms idea and none of the main characters felt comfortable about being there. I think any genious behind Primetime TV would know not to be extrene about politics or religion. I learned growing up that these weren't exactly socially acceptable to discuss on a large scale because they can lead to instant debates. They are polarizing things, very much. Anyone is entitled to believe what they want but how do they know iyt's right? Nobody from way back then is alive now. I don't wanna dwell on it but there are some sick people in the church buisness who come off as crooks. How do you know the writer(s) of the bible weren't just looking for a quick buck? Knowing something so interesting would be an easy seller. I've never read it, but I admit I do find it interesting regardless if it's true or not. The idea of life and how and why it is, is a fascinating thought with no real definitive answer. I will start with your last question. Most of the "writers" of the Bible could have walked away with their lives intact but instead died horrible deaths like being crucified upside down, stoned, or boiled in oil. All they had to do was deny their belief in Jesus Christ. If they didn't truly believe why would they choose to die? WELTSCHMERZ
  16. I love this show. Its one of the few shows I taped ( and kept ) from the beginning to end. Hope to see it return soon.
  17. I am a firm believer in the BIBLE ( Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth ) and Jesus Christ as my personal LORD and SAVIOR. Lets talk. WELTSCHMERZ
  18. I may be the only negative vote, but I think the ONLY redeeming part of the show was the introduction of Sarah Chalke who eventually played Elliot on the great sitcom, SCRUBS
  19. BETH10, welcome and enjoy!
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