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  1. I'd read it too. I would love to see it as maybe a dream sequence in an up coming show. WELTSCHMERZ I might give it a shot. I did a fan fiction a while back, and got a little discouraged, because I only ever got one review, (probably because I had no reputation whatsoever). But if I know I have a couple readers, I might do one. When I edited the picture, I even considered getting some people together and doing a goofy thing to post on youtube. I even have some friends that would make a pretty good Sheldon, and Amy. And he has some theatre experience like me. But if I even want to think about that I'll have to have a script first. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not. While with the right costume and makeup, Mayim would obviously be a good fit, she's also uncommonly pretty, and nothing like the witch. To quote Peter S. Beagle "it's like saying a snowflake looks like a cow." DJVANG, If you write it I'll read it. If you youtube it I'll watch it. I for one don't care about "reputation". Just because you're new doesn't mean you don't have something great to contribute! More people should remember when they were just starting out.
  2. I'd read it too. I would love to see it as maybe a dream sequence in an up coming show. WELTSCHMERZ
  3. I think you are right on with Penny,Leonard,Raj,and Howard. But I believe Sheldon could only be The All Knowing Wizard. I can really,really see Amy saying "Ill Get you, and your little dog too" (I don't believe The Wicked Witch ever says Toto's name). I can also see Bernadette being Glinda with her blond hair and especially with her voice. HOWEVER if I can put reality into a fantasy of a sitcom, I would have Amy taking the part of Glinda because Amy would never hurt her "Bestie", Amy. That leaves Bernadette as the Wicked Witch. Remember what happened to the Beatles when John Lennon married Yoko Ono (it was the beginning of the end of the Beatles). Not to mention the fact that most single people tend to gravitate to other singles. While most married couples have more things in common with other married couples. I think Bernadette is the beginning of the end for the Fearful Four. WELTSCHMERZ
  4. thanks for responding:icon_confused: WELTSCHMERZ Thanks for noticing and stay brave. WELTSCHMERZ
  5. Thank you for noticing. WELTSCHMERZ
  6. HELLO right back to you. I'm kind of new here too. I seem to have noticed that a lot of the people will read what someone has written but in a lot of cases don't reply unless they really, really have something important to say. I myself can talk forever without saying any thing. Again hello and welcome. WELTSCHMERZ
  7. Welcome. I am rather new too. I know there are a lot smart people out there with the answer to updating your profile (however I'm not the one). I would also like to know how to reset the current time as mine has the wrong time. If someone does answer your question let me know. And again welcome! WELTSCHMERZ
  8. Weird Al has always been ahead of his time. A really nice and normal guy when you meet him ( I met him years ago at a Shakeys pizza ).
  9. When Butch Cassidy And The Sundance kid first came out most of the critics hated it. How many awards was it up for and how many did it win? Someone once said Those who can't do, teach. Those who can't teach, criticize.
  10. I would like to know who shares my birthday (July 23). If you share my birthday I would like to know what state or country your from. WELTSCHMERZ
  11. Waiting for someone to reply to my "hitting the sauce".
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