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  1. Yes, I'm very clumsy. LADY, you never made it ???
  2. False, Have you ever met your favorite singing group?
  3. I've been a winner, you've been a winner, wouldn't you like to be a winner now? Sorry that's my job HAHAHA !
  4. I'm sorry in my pants....OOPS, I did it again.
  5. When had that ever stopped you in my pants (see that wasn't so hard....ummm....never mind) (LOL).
  6. Yup, I'm sure, PLAYDOH and BENNY would never forgive me if I brought home the wrong "stuff".
  7. That's alright, I've been here for a while so I notice things (LOL).
  8. Thanks "guys" ! I can't believe (well, really I can) that it takes TWO dogs to make up for what G.G. used to do ! I just wish I had thought about talking about this ESA thing A LOT sooner ! It would have made my life SOOO much easier AND simpler in my pants.
  9. And speaking of animals, my doctor says both PLAYDOH & BENNY are going to be certified to be my SERVICE DOGS !!!! They qualified as being ESA (Emotional Support Animals) so they can travel FREE, get into hotels FREE, and on (when needed) markets, or where ever with me. One at a time of course. PLAYDOH is great during daylight hours as he stays ALWAYS calm. BENNY is great at night because G.G., before she passed, taught him to always be by my side when I become anxious and need a dog for a good petting (that sounds weird). I'm doing the happy dance in my pants !
  10. And second on a new page but the first win for me.
  11. Yes, I've cheered them on from my TV several times. HYE been to a race like the Indy 500 ?
  12. I have a different theory. Not that KARENs answer isn't true at times, but I think this site has usually had more females than males. I've noticed over time that just boys names come up on their own even in the quiet times. And maybe because gals think of guys more?
  13. I always have something to say ! I decree that everyone is FREEEEE !!! I just MAY have sniffed to much dog nip (LOL).
  14. I'm Winning ! It's amazing what a good 12 hour nap will do !
  15. I'm winn ing now, b ut I w ish I had onee of thos coookies, becauuuse I'm soooo tire ddd I can'''t even typpppppppppp.....................
  16. Game shows on TV. I'm shouting out the answer, I'm hitting my pretend buzzer, and they aren't picking me !!
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