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  1. I'd love to see it. TNP has seen EVERY episode.
  3. walnutcowboy


    Ever finding out I was adopted, I've always wondered who my birth parents really were. This explains sooo much ! Thank you TONY for the Link.
  4. It just puts horrible thoughts in my head !
  6. 43,947. KAREN, Thank you for MAKING me come back to work....Oh yes CONGRATULATIONS !!
  7. How hard it's going to be for me to get to 50,000 posts before KAREN does.
  8. I am unbanning KAREN as I may NEVER get that picture out of my mind.
  9. <.....LOOK what's that over there ???? I stole it back from you stealing it from me.
  10. Thank you, I hope everything is fine with you and yours, Talking about G.G. over the computer was/is very calming for me. When you talk to somebody in real time, they sometimes want to add something or say something. But here, I'm alone with my thoughts and at the same time being heard by you all. You "guys" helped me through a tough time just my reading my stuff. THANK YOU ALL ! BENNY will never fit the hole in my heart that I have for G.G. but he is becoming my new Companion/Therapy dog pretty quick and will soon fill his own niche in my heart.
  11. It's only noon and I want to go back to sleep in my pants !
  12. Another hard thread to come to. I know G.G did. she lasted 3 months to see me become "normal" again. My new meds. have me thinking and acting like my "old" self. I think that is what she was waiting for ! BENNY is in my arm as I type. He got neutered, got all his shots, and "chipped" (against our wishes) on Monday so he has wanted more attention and has had night terrors and barks at every single nothing since then. But that's what makes for a good team, having each others backs. He lays next to me and lets me pet him to help me go to sleep, and I hold him and pet him to calm him down when he gets scared. This is going to work out great !
  13. loijce xyhklcp;tf v klblo That was BENNY (really, really) saying HE wins !
  14. It's still hard for me to come to this thread. But I would like to build a reflection pond with a bridge over it called of course The Rainbow Bridge. It will have regular bricks that can be removed and be replaced with inscribed bricks telling some things about our fur babies that have crossed over the bridge before us.
  15. I will accept the judgement until I can get THAT picture out of my mind. I may be BANNED for a while !!!
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