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  1. With BENNY in arm, I claim this win.
  2. Banning Karen for me not being able to get the picture of her having claws in her bottom out of my mind !
  3. I'm awake early so I have win an early.
  4. Back from a long day so I have a Long wiiiiiiiiin.
  5. Thanks ! Today we are picking up G.G.s remains. (in ash's in a beautiful box). It's all good.
  6. As I hold BENNY in my arms (while typing), it's something I could never understand either. When we first got BENNY he was nothing but skin and bones with no muscle mass. He was dehydrated and starving. The only toy he ever had to play with was a cloth chicken. Since then he has filled out just fine. Our boys get, what we think, is the healthiest food money can buy. We have 2 different places in the house where they can choose to eat and drink. PLAYDOH now shares his 40+ toys with BENNY. They also get to run as much as they want and BENNYs little legs keep up with PLAYDOHs (they just move a lot faster) just fine now. I think what makes BENNY the happiest now is that he is no longer odd dog out and I can give him all my affection to just him now without having to share. We are really bonding. When we go to sleep, he sleeps next to me on my right side, but if I roll over he will walk around me to sleep facing me. This is too cute ! =
  7. Hugs back ! BENNY by no means is a dog we would pick out of a box that said "FREE DOGS" but we took him in because he had been abused and our grand daughter didn't know where else he could go, so we took him in. Since G.G.s passing he has been such a GOD send. It's like he KNOWS it's his job to be DADDY'S DOG now. He is trying SOOO hard ! We are doing OK now.
  8. G.G. thanks you and I thank you. G.G. is having a great time in her new body, and I'm just relaxing thinking of her. We will be here often. Again thank you. You are truly one of the uniquely special people in this world to think of this !
  9. Thank you so much !!! That's the nicest thing ANYONE has said to us about the situation! It has us crying again . In an earlier post, you said you weren't "smart", well let me tell you how WRONG you are. There are different kinds of "smart". PLAYDOH has 30+ toys and knows the names of all of them, that's "smart". That is what I was thinking of at the time I made that post. BENNY knows when he tears up napkins when we are gone, and when we find out, to hide under the bed, because we can't reach him there, that's "smart". With G.G., because of the people before us, she never learned to play, she really didn't like toys, never did anything to get in trouble. But what G.G. DID have was a kind and loving heart and was so sensitive to others, which you have and are, which is truly shown in your last post (and so many other times) and that is the BEST kind of "SMART" there is. Yeah, getting "it" done was sooo thoughtful of the Vet. we have more closure then we ever believed possible.
  10. Us too we are still getting used to the idea. I'll take it, but I'll be OK to start sharing again (SOON LOL). Thank you all !!!
  11. It was beautiful. On the 1 1/2 hour drive there it was raining the whole time. When we were done, the sun was shining . It was like GOD was sorry HE has to take G.G., but after HE did, HE was so happy to get her back the sun came out. She was ready to go. She stopped eating, couldn't walk, was in so much pain, we couldn't pick her up. Most of the time her mind wasn't even there. She was ready. The place was great, very nice. gave us time alone first. Let us stay to say goodbye, and allowed us to stay as long as we needed after. They took a paw print and are going to something nice with it and give it back to us. I didn't catch what they said, but we'll find out. ELOISE (Bless her heart) is allowing me to get G.G. cremated. G.G. was THAT special to me. We will get her ashs back in a nice mahogany box and will be with me in the "office". The "boys" know G.G.s gone. They smelled all over for her, but we have kept her separate, because of her condition, for so long. I don't know how much they will miss her anymore since there have become such good buds together. BENNY did a wonderful job last night taking over G.G,s job watching over me at night. He has some big paws to fill, but will do great ! He won't fill the hole left by G.G. but there is a niche just his size in my heart. THE WORLD IS GOOD TODAY ! Thank you all for caring. Mike
  12. I didn't get your message in time, but I told that all her friends would be missing her and that she will have new friends at The RAINBOW BRIDGE. G.G. will take her last win until I/we meet her at T RBB and we walk into Heaven together !
  13. Thanks, the appointment is @ 2:30PM . Dont feel much like winning today.
  14. She had for a while, but she IS 23 years old. It's gotten to the point where she hurts most of the time. I can't even pick her up w/o her crying out. The only time she is really happy is at night when she is next to me. I've been selfish. Interesting facts tho: G.G. has been with me 1/3 of my life. 1/2 of ELOISE and my married life. 2X as long as I've had brain trauma.
  15. Thinking that we are going to have to put G.G. down in the next couple.
  16. I'm glad you enjoyed. Remember it's a MISS KITKA'S VIRTUAL AMUSEMENT PARK AND RESORT, you can go back ANYTIME you feel like it !
  17. Save the banning like little Easter eggs and gobble them up the day after ! LOL
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