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  1. Me too. WE are going to take a break, I'll "let" you catch up. I win.
  2. Nope, but it's on my bucket list. Notre Dame Cathedral ? BTW any one know how bad the damage was "
  3. Today is the first real day back in the office since G.G.s episode. She still can't stand being alone so she is sitting/sleeping on the feet of my extra long sweat pants. So I can't stretch out but at least I'm able to move the rest of me around.
  4. Boy, I've been away for a while. I'm glad I trusted the staff, they did a great job during my absence. I'm glad to see you all still enjoying it. How was the burger?
  5. YUCK !!!!!!!! Eating their vegetables?
  6. Actually.....NEVER have, never will...Is it still on ? TNP enjoys watching "those" kinds of programs (LOL) ?
  7. It's almost Resurrection Day, all prisoners are hear by released until after Easter, unless you really muck it up !
  8. Me TOO ! I 'm seeing how she is going to do if she is just in the office in a blanket on the floor. I win.
  9. TREMORS. Get ready for Tremors 7 !!!
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