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  1. I did think this episode had funny moments. I enjoyed it. Sorry to be off topic a wee bit but I have a question, and I'm hoping someone can help me on this. I used to see taping reports throughout the season, however, in this season I have not seen any. I so see the taping schedule, but not any actual taping reports. Am I just missing them, or are they not being posted in the forum anymore? thanks
  2. Ok I am not a moderator here. I do not like her haircut necessarily either, and yes her character has changed. The thing that tripped me up is saying she will no longer look right dating dumb guys. She is engaged to Leonard, she is done with dumb guys. You said you watch the show, so I know you must have known they are engaged. You certainly have every right to your opinion I respect that. I don't know if you may be saying that's part of her character you don't like anymore? That she is now engaged- and no longer a dumb blonde. I think many people did prefer it that way- so maybe that's what you were trying to say?
  3. Well I am born and raised in America. I do have a few British and Scottish acquaintances however. When it comes to politics, I get confused very quickly-lol even with American politics. I am not familiar enough with the details of this to say at all... but I wish the best for all involved.
  4. Well I am a firm believer that when it comes to something like food, it really is a matter of opinion. I am from Chicago. I have been to NY a few times, but never managed to have the pizza, so I certainly cannot judge. You say you heard good things about Chicago deep dish- I assure you, you heard correctly. lol I won't know if Chicago deep dish "beats" NY, but maybe we can call it a tie
  5. Heya! Well I have Turner's Syndrome. I don't have Asperger's though. Good for you! Can't wait to see more. If you would like to talk to me, message me. I have been around for a bit- I'm 51 years old. I can maybe give you a perspective about turner's as you get older.
  6. Just have to keep saying, I am continually impressed by her.
  7. quote: I find it difficult to see how CBS would allow her to be seen on the show. But can they prevent it, after all she would only be in the audience. Well they showed Kaley quite a bit to this point, but yeah, that was not at the same time as her show lol, it's a shame if there has to be some sort of issue, I really enjoyed seeing her support her sister, and hope whatever this "special" is that we can see more of that,,,, and I guess too, the point was made that her sister would have to still be in the competition at least at that time. I wonder though, that if they announced the special, when they will actually film it? Oh well, I really have never followed the voice all the way through a season, but because of Bri being on it I am this time lol.
  8. I would say a lot but will keep it to one highlight for me. Sheldon and the monkey having the same reaction at the same time!!
  9. I saw this link shared on Facebook, and thought I would share it here. My apologies if this is the wrong place, but have a look at a very touching commercial from Thailand. http://gawker.com/this-three-minute-commercial-puts-full-length-hollywood-1309506149
  10. If I want anything destroyed? Easy... I simply hand it over to my kids and tell them to be careful with it...
  11. A very warm welcome to you! Hope you enjoy being here.
  12. I have not seen that!! I watch so much of it, even the reruns in the off season! Don't know how I managed that but that was brilliant lol
  13. Prayers for those who have lost loved ones in the war, and for those still fighting it.
  14. Thanks for the comments! Yeah, I figured it would have complications but it is fun to think about lol
  15. I saw an old tv show that had actually had one episode where they "merged" with another popular sitcom from that same time. In other words, the episode had a story line that merged the characters from the two shows. This one was the very old "Adam 12" ( a police show) and the other was "Emergency" a show about a firehouse and them go out on the emergency calls. The sitcoms merged in one episode where they showed the police show characters follow up at the hospital where the other show brings the victims from their emergency calls. You the got to see the characters from both shows interact with each other. I thought it would be great, in some cases to do that (just one episode) with TBBT. I still want to think about a good show to merge it with, and would love to see posts with suggestions.
  16. haha!! Ain't that the truth. ... or is it "tru dat" now? lol Any way Welcome Leia!
  17. It is pretty well known here in the States as far as I can tell. I am not a beer drinker though, I'm more of a wine person lol
  18. Yes, HYE gotten in your car to just drive not knowing where you want to go?
  19. Some are posting here that no one (even the characters on the show- with the exception of Leonard) knows Penny's surname. Has there been indication that they don't know? I have been under the assumption that they probably do. There is only mention of Leonard stealing her mail so we know he does, but it was in the apartment, and Sheldon most likely would have seen it. If has been no mention they don't know it, I don't think we can assume they don't. I do agree that maybe the writers initially didn't even come up with a surname for her, and as it went on- they may be playing that now. Who knows... well, they do lol. Not revealing her surname even during their wedding would be just cruel
  20. well, I don't see why they can't just mention her going to film. Then maybe a scene where they are watching her on TV. Even if they don't show what is being watched. We can just have sound and response from them? I don't know- just seems like not enough reason to avoid it altogether. That is only my opinion though. After all I really also don't mind if she just continues as a server either.
  21. haha!- how does that go?.. "if I said I liked your body would you hold it against me?"...
  22. I think it would be cool to see Penny earn some money acting, yes. I too think this way. Seems like a good way, since she has been there quite a while going to auditions. She should be getting a little something. If it is like you said then she won't be really famous, yet it will put her in a bit of a better position in her life. I want to make clear I have complete respect for being a server at a restaurant. I do not see that as being a failure- but moreso it would just be good to see her achieve her dream.
  23. Well as far as Leonard being lactose intolerant, it may also be that he did make exceptions and just "paid for it" hehe
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