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  1. I love the scene in the car when Howard is retrospectively asking Bernadette's permission to go into space.... And B says - "first let me thank you for involving me in the decision-making process" - followed by a steely "No". Also her morphing into Howard's mum was a brilliant idea. Scary but hilarious!!
  2. Separate from this Financial Times article - on Amazon I saw there's a book out called "The Big Bang Theory and Philosophy" (by William Irwin and Dean Kowalski). Anyone got it? They also have the "Simpsons and Philosophy", "Batman and Philosophy" etc. Mixed reviews on Amazon, but I might buy the Big Bang one anyway just to read about cloning Leonard Nimoy - though I suspect it's probably not as quick-fire as TBBT on tv!
  3. Doctor Who - either David Tennant or Matt Smith
  4. Someone from Caltech just won the Gates' Foundation "Reinvent the toilet for C21 challenge" - (yes, really). Entries had to work without water and without power. Well done, Howard!
  5. Sheldon must be into Spock's Beard, surely?
  6. When I was a natural science undergrad in the UK (a "natski" as we were known generically) we were mostly into Yes, Peter Gabriel-era Genesis and Pink Floyd. Ok, Sheldon, Leonard and co weren't even born - but what music do they like? Are there any references to 1970s prog rock in any of the episodes?
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