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    Does Sheldon have Asperger's Syndrome?

    i have aspergers syndrome it has been diagnosed and it may not come as a surprise a large quantity to the people reading this that i have been told on numerous occasions that i am a lot like sheldon... the difference is i believe that sheldons persoal qualities that relate him to others with aspergers syndrome is that his characteristics are exagerated for comedy effect when other aspects are temporarily ignored... if he was an actual person rather than a character i think he would have been diagnosed with aspergers but then im sure he would act just a little different and a little more consistently to what he had been through the series... from birth my parent said i was a little different... im a slow learner and have always hated contact, when i was put in and out of a pram i cried because i had been put into contact. that changes as i get older, im still uncomfortable but i can easily give someone a hug so long as i knew about it, i cant take surprises unless im warned that i will be surprised. funny to think i have a girl friend and that goes against almost every one of those aspects but for me its not all hugs and kisses its a lot more personal i think (not that you want to hear about my relationship status). my friends generally dont give me hugs because of the times ive reacted badly to them but i can still give them hugs from time to time... a lot of my friends have aspergers syndrome or other mental dissabilities. people tell me aspergers isnt a disability its a different way of thinking but to my understanding a disability is something that makes a person less capable than others at completing a given task, the fact im a slow learner is a disability but i can consider everyone else disabled as well because once i know something i never forget it, i can tell people the names of the children that went to the same pre-school as me and i can even recognise them on the street (though im sure they think its weird when i say hi to them, i dont think they remember me) i find it hard to make eye contact and though im not easily embarassed im very cautious not to do anything embarassing (not sure if thats aspergers or just normal) ive stayed awake for multiple nights on the trot writing essays about the universe and the implications of an infinate or expanding universe which my science teach told me to keep safe as at GCSE i had done what he called a degree standard case study, this i beleived until i went to sixth form and failed physics. my parents and secondry school teachers agreed i had had a bad year but im now doing business instead since my college dissagreed and said i was not on the right track to complete physics to any level of pass grade. another comment i noticed on here was a mention to the recitation of the periodic table going down steps, weird as it seems have done this before i really hope it is a symptom of aspergers else im weird or OCD as well as aspergers (i only did it once, it was curiousity) im not sure if this was helpful or not but i figured that if people had an actual aspergers person to compare against they could reach their own conclusions