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  1. Any ways I could improve on this episode?
  2. Yeah, that was a very nice thing to do. It was beautiful.
  3. So, is there any ways I can improve on this episode idea? Just name it. I'll do it.
  4. That sounds sad for Wolowitz, because it feels like no one cares about his epic adventure anymore. Ironic.
  5. This is my latest fan-episode/idea. Leonard and Sheldon are invited to a science fair taking place in Tokyo, Japan. However, along the way, Sheldon gets obsessed with trying to capture Godzilla. Leonard tries to convince him not to, as he says "There's no such things as Godzilla". However, one of Sheldon's traps DOES attract Godzilla, much to the shock of Leonard. Sheldon finally captures him, he shows Godzilla off at the science fair, which earns him 1st place. However, Godzilla gets angry and breaks free and starts destroying the city. Leonard and Sheldon finally manage to stop him by sin
  6. I never said I wanted it to happen on the show. These are just fan episodes.
  7. What does that mean? These are fan episodes by me.
  8. An updated version of my old episode ideas: Sheldon discovers a TV commercial about a contest involving if you win a giant robot fight tournament, they can win $10,000,000, and that all contestants must attend within 2 and a half months. Sheldon and Leonard decide to create a giant robot using a pig as the base for their head, and The Iron Giant as a base for the body. 2 months later, they finally complete the robot. They name the robot, "Mecha-Pig" because of the robot being shaped after a pig. Sheldon and Leonard enter their first fight and win. As 2 weeks go by, the two roommates are bat
  9. I want him to get his pants pulled down again.
  10. Since I'm back to the forum, I'm bringing my episode idea series back for a younger generation. This is Size Matters. Leonard modifies a can of Coca-Cola using special chemicals that makes things bigger. He explains to Sheldon he was bored so he decided to do it for fun. But, he goes to get pizza, and Penny unknowingly drinks the altered can of soda. When Leonard gets back, he discovers a terrified Penny, who is now 10 feet tall. Leonard becomes determined to find a cure for Penny's condition. But he has to keep it a secret. That's not easy because Penny is still growing. As Penny co
  11. I actually like that idea. That's great.
  12. It's in front of an audience? yep, it's filmed live on Thursdays in front of a live audience. http://wiki.the-big-bang-theory.com/wiki/Taping I know someone who usually goes to the tapings Yeah, but do you like the concept of this episode? I do, it would be sort of an homage to Attack of the 50 ft woman http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0106317/ and Kaley would do a good job on that role I saw that film.
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