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  1. I guess a hint is required at this stage. would that be Wolo-wizard in Pas-a-den-a cal-i-forni-a ? What is Penny's fathers name? no. thats not it. hint: captain future btw her fathers name is bob Pennies fathers name is wyatt not bob
  2. I really want sheldons checked (or tartan) suit. Like The One In The Video below. Please help. It would also be great if i could have a messenger bag like his.
  3. dell makes alienware laptops. the dell xps' they had were just dell's old top of the range gaming laptop.
  4. Leonard also has a drink some lunch times called "mist"
  5. laptop bags perhaps?
  6. look at this thread: http://forum.the-big-bang-theory.com/thread-435.html?highlight=bag It says that the bags Sheldon and Leonard use are 'parcel' bags.
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