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  1. Really? Well, I must confess: I don't like Johnny´s eyes at all.
  2. One question... :Are there real people laughing there? Or is recorded laughter?
  3. Yeah... Kunal looks almost white and Jim, almost feminine
  4. I like the gits !!! Thanks!!! Bazingafan, I can´t see the video... it's not avalible for my country
  5. The truth is that we are true fans of Jim / Sheldon ... That look was very fast, that only a true fan could appreciate it!!! ...
  6. What about how, when he is talking and suddenly stop, because he realizes that he has had a wonderful idea. (for example, when iron mechanical hand is giving him a massage.)
  7. Or, maybe, If he wants to go into Science.
  8. Sorry about that... I can see both of them...
  9. It seems as if all of us were lonely people. We don´t like relationships.
  10. Sheldon, Penny and Leonard, about CPA ...
  11. It was like being washing TBBT Season 3, even Sheldon is thin and his hair is short! I liked the CPA presentation
  12. It's amazing the feeling... It's like Jim and Mayin were our brothes and sister... We feel their lost as our...
  13. Have I seen an angry face Sheldon again? I've seen, I've seen, Sheldon with angry face! Well, more or less
  14. Ely


    Google= Define:sapiosexual "One who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature." "(adj) A form of sexual orientation characterized by a strong attraction to intelligence in others, often regardless of gender and/or conventional attractiveness." After that, the answer is: Yes and yes !!
  15. Well I can say I hate Dolores Unbridge, from Harry Potter, and I will always do, no matter if it is rare or not. It is the same when we like, or love a character. In general we identify with it, and even it reminds us of someone who was once in our lives, and remains in our unconscious memory. (sounds like jibber-jabber, but writers know what they do when they write about human being) .
  16. You're welcome, everyone!! :icon_razz: I agree ...
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