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  1. Thanks Disclaimer: I didn't do the artwork, a friend did.
  2. Wow, calm down, and what's with all the dots? I think the writers are doing a good job. I liked this episode. Had me laughing out loud then going all "aaawww!" when Sheldon rejects Amy. Didn't expect that, but I did, but I didn't.
  3. Just stumbled across this: http://news.sky.com/story/1310650/big-bang-theory-pay-dispute-delays-filming I hope this doesn't cause too much friction with the powers that be. Very successfuly series have been killed off by cast members thinking they were indispensable and demanding exorbitant salaries, only for the studio to pull the plug and cut their losses!
  4. Just seen this episode. Loved it. Howard has got himself into a bit of a mess! Should be interest to see how it pans out. Sheldon and Amy... same same!
  5. Hardly, I live in the UK. Scotland to be precise Travelling to Dragon*Con is dedication. Not been to Doctor Who Cons... too many screeching teenage girls.
  6. If you mean that man in the bra and knickers in my video, that is a very special event called "The Spattle" hosted by a propmaker known to many as "Spat". (www.spatcave.com). The idea is to out do Spat's costume of the evening. You have to be outrageous to do so. It draws the line are complete nudity. It's become a tradition for a group of us who regularly attend Dragon*Con. The costumes are only worn for an hour, till the most outrageous and vomit inducing costume is selected. I can tolerate it for that long.
  7. You're welcome. A blast is an understatement! Which ones? I've been to one or two
  8. No one? sheesh... you're all pretend nerds!
  9. If you haven't.... OMGYOUHAVETOGO! I went in 2011 and it blew my mind. I still have problems fully articulating the experience when asked about it. So, I made a little video that sums up my memories: If you want to know more... watch this: http://youtu.be/qZQUVkPl9Zw
  10. Yeah, but Switzerland is a goofy place! You drive there with one foot already in a jail cell!
  11. OR... the script writers read Wiki? You do realise Sheldon is a fictional character, and can therefore not plagarise?
  12. Not an injury to me but after watching a few Vietnam War movies, I decided to draw inspiration from the Punji stake pits and booby trap my room for my younger siblings. My room was in the basement (cool and quiet... I loved it) so was VERY accessible to my siblings, who would destroy my stuff all the time. So, I got some cocktail sticks and play-doh and "Punji-sticked" the stairs leading down into my room. I warned my siblings that I had booby trapped my room and for them to stay out. Little Brother did not heed the warning. I came home to find he had stood full weight onto one of the traps! Muahahahahahahahaha I think this counts as the idea behind it is kinda geeky.
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