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  1. Thanks Disclaimer: I didn't do the artwork, a friend did.
  2. Wow, calm down, and what's with all the dots? I think the writers are doing a good job. I liked this episode. Had me laughing out loud then going all "aaawww!" when Sheldon rejects Amy. Didn't expect that, but I did, but I didn't.
  3. Just stumbled across this: http://news.sky.com/story/1310650/big-bang-theory-pay-dispute-delays-filming I hope this doesn't cause too much friction with the powers that be. Very successfuly series have been killed off by cast members thinking they were indispensable and demanding exorbitant salaries, only for the studio to pull the plug and cut their losses!
  4. Just seen this episode. Loved it. Howard has got himself into a bit of a mess! Should be interest to see how it pans out. Sheldon and Amy... same same!
  5. Yeah, but Switzerland is a goofy place! You drive there with one foot already in a jail cell!
  6. OR... the script writers read Wiki? You do realise Sheldon is a fictional character, and can therefore not plagarise?
  7. The chair to the left of Penny's settee (in plan perspective) is missing. Other than that, I find this floor plan pretty much dead on.
  8. I'm not sure if this is good or bad. Stuart is great, but that is because we see little of him. Too much might be a bad thing. Hmm, I'm on the fence on this one
  9. I use the "screwed" quote all the time at work. Gets laughs every time.
  10. Maybe because they talked to each other and Kaley is happy Mayim is OK and sees no point in harping on about it publicly. Johnny seemed to be fine with the situation in a quick interview to other day. I think folks are making a mountain out of a molehill. Silence on a subject is not a sign of something being wrong.
  11. Or more likely, trying to do something he "knows" he's right about and getting it wrong.
  12. The lyrics are in rhythm order, not chronologically. IE, the facts are sung in an order that makes them rhyme with the music.
  13. A few times I thought my ear were deceiving me, but no, Sheldon's/Jim's voice does got down an octave every so often, and its not just in Season 1 either.
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