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  1. Just watching the show, just so well so you know sometimes i see what i'm like. I dont think i look like that not as in features but as in geeky. I do whoever love that fellow "Sheldon" .. He is amazing good acting.. i get so into the show i forget its just a show and have this impact on me... i have to laugh how they suck you into the show. Anyway..... i say a part where Sheldon says his normal big words .. i thought gees he really does have a word Encyclopedia for a brain. And all the other stuff he says... but its all bout normal people to me .. All getting on the same way as sharing lives with each other and also sharing days and times for mates in need also sharing dinners.... Any way i hope they make more and go into the children of these intelligent beings. I thought it leaves an opening for the show to even go on for many many years and all the mean time advancing with real time ... and clothes and women and kids ...Just a thought ... more like DAYS OF OUR LIVES but DAYS OF THE BIG BANG THEORY ....you know what i mean ... i like the show i am old and i can comprehend with the way of being pushed aside cuz of your difference ... would be nice if they did keep it going show their kids ( actors of course) and their daily issues and the bad ass scientist comes to get back at em ... i mean you can keep this going for hundereds of years more of a part of the furniture, just fits in with the family home.
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