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  1. 10 years before the pilot 1997 Penny is 12 Sheldon 16 Howard 16 Raj 16 Leonard 17 Amy age uknown Bernadette age unknown Stuart is 22 the presumed last season 2017 Sheldon 36 Howard 36 Raj 36 Leonard 37 Penny 32 Stuart is 43
  2. September 24 1997, Wednesday Texas- we see 16 year old sheldon sitting on a bus uncomfortably reading a book by Stephen Hawking while in plastic " bus pants" over his own brown pants, he sports a flash T shirt. While his older brother punches him in the arm repeatedly and Missy keeps asking " so whatcha reading?". We see Sheldon's father drinking with a flask, he's wearing a cowboy hat and his big belly is not covered by a size to small wife beater and Mary is reading the bible. Sheldon: Why couldn't we have taken the train? Mary Cooper: Let it go Sheldon. George Cooper: And take off those pants you look ridiculous. New Jersey Leonard age 17 is seen lifting boxes into the back of a family van straining with them as his his sister and brother are sitting in the car already. He finishes and while huffing and puffing, he pulls out his inhaler and shakes it then uses it. He turns to his mother staring at him. " Go get your father dear." She tells him in her usual manner very cold despite the endearing "dear". Leonard calls for his father, then sees his own bedroom door cracked open a bit. Leonard: Dad, we are um leaving . . . oh . . . Leonard face palms and we see Leonard's father a dweeby skinny man using Leonard's hugging machine. India, roof top of Koothrappali home. Raj( 16) gets on the expensive plane with his father Raj: I'm so excited we are going to America! Mr. Koothrappali: We are going to a seminar Raj: Do I have to go, it's so gross. Mr. Koothrappali: No whining. Rajesh, this is very important, you will take over one day. Nebraska Penny(12) sits in the car with her father who is driving Penny: This is so cool, we get to go to the biggest mall in the world! Wyatt: That's right, slugger. You made captain of the team, well softball but still. Howard(16) is leaving a little diner with his mother, who is chubby but not obese, still an attractive blond but very chubby. As they are about to finish paying, we see her turn to the window of cakes and ask for a slice but Howard is seen staring at a 25 year old buxom waitress.
  3. plot: the gang ALL were in the same area once as preteens. The Mall of America, Sheldon, Amy and Penny are on class trips, Raj is with his parents cause his dad is a big fan of Leonard's mom's book who is having a signing there and poor Leonard is there beside his mom, shown off as the embarrasing son the book series is based around(which Penny read foir her college class years later), Bernadette is with her father in the spy gadget store and Stuart is being shown the family business by his father and Howard is tagging along on a trip with his (attractive) mother on a family vacation which is his mother's excuse to find a boyfriend. What should I name this episode and should I: first idea: they criss cross, coming close to meeting each other but never quite do, except for everyone seeing Penny for a moment second idea: They all meet but different friendships form: Raj & Leonard meet first bonding from embarrasment of their parents Sheldon and Bernadette meet first, Sheldon is oblivious to Bernadette's interest mean girl Penny and a creepy Amy meet first but don't get along Stuart meets everyone while working at a comic shop for the first time
  4. I remember one episode when Leonard howard and Raj were talking about a dream new friend someone wealthly, good with women and a genius and I thought wow Walden from Two and a half men( but this was years before that so Leonard said that would be Ironman.
  5. from the same show on Disney Channel Jessie: Karan Bar as young Raj: https://www.google.com/search?q=ravi+jessie&bav=on.2,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.51773540,d.dmg&biw=1008&bih=526&sns=1&wrapid=tljp137884697669809&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=DYkvUoeaB7a14AO3h4DoDw#facrc=_&imgdii=_&imgrc=rSo5VyU6Djm-fM%3A%3BRS9k1shaO_7TXM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252F3219a2.medialib.glogster.com%252Fmedia%252Ff3%252Ff3f3db35d51c2a2550a60cfbb82525ef636ab3bcff642c21ae26d42e1aec84b0%252Fjessie-2-jpg.jpg%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.glogster.com%252Fgangster6978%252Fjessie-%252Fg-6lvmbfnd4fk0srbcq18p2a0%3B300%3B400 Peyton List as young penny but do you guys know any child/teen actresses who could play others?
  6. sitcoms nowadays are ussually trash, that's why Big Bang Theory's success is so amazing. Sitcoms now are ussually kids shows which I'm fine with if they are smart and don't treat young people as idiots( which is rarely done). But would we have really gotten to see 6-7 seasons if: Sheldon didn't have his sheldonisms Leonard remained the main focus of the show instead of Sheldon's character breaking out. This happened on another TV show of chuck lorre called Two and a Half Men but Charlie was suppose to be the main character and remained so but you have to think the entire success of Big Bang Theory is all Jim Parsons and Sheldon. EVeryone I know watches it for Sheldon and Johnny Galecki is a great actor, do you think if Leonard's character was the focus would the show had been a success? Sorry for so many different questions, I'm just always curious about this.
  7. watched her ABC Family all the time on a little show called 8 Simple Rules
  8. Q 1. Who would you want to portray Meemaw and should she ever make an appearance? q 2. How awesome would a meeting between Leslie and Amy be? I'd like to know why Leslie isn't featured as much as Barry and Stewart unless the actress is busy.
  9. i hung around girls from kindergarden-intermediate school, I still have a couple friends who are girls. I always relate to Leonard and Penny's friendship and it's entirely plausible. Penny is friendly albeit overly emotional, short tempered and sarcastc. a tom girl but also very feminine(shoes, fashion, dating) I do not believe she is a slut though. She doesn't "sleep around", she just dates and has mentioned not everyone " rides the rollercoaster some just spin the tea-cups". It's all intention,I'm gonna sound like raj but for the most part Penny was single and ready to mingle now she's with Leonard and they have a great realistic relationship: They don't cheat on one another like Charlie did to Chelsea in two and half men They have real problems: mutual love, marriage proposal, moving in together.
  10. this may be TMI but I'ma boob guy, so in order from who I find most attractive to lesser: Stephanie Bernadette Penny
  11. Who gets married next? Amy and Sheldon is not happening yet although I could see her proposing and him agonazing over not hurting her feelings but penny and Leonard? Penny is 22 in the start of the show, Leonard's birthday is 31, his birthday is May 1980. He has proposed to Penny in bed and canonly(if that's a word) At Comic Con we were told that Howard and Bernadette won't have a kid yet. The only thing that bothers me about the show is aging? Has anyone aged over the years? We've had a birthday for leonard and a couple christmas episodes but Howard claimed to be 26 years old the season where Bernadette wanted him to move out of his mothers' house but now he's 32 cause his birthday is said to be september 1981. Jim Parsons is in his 40s and plays a 32 year old. In the early episode where Penny gets addicted to online gaming, Sheldon puts Amy on a dating site and she says she is 22. She'd be 27 now and dresses more maturely compared to her first three seasos wardrobe. Anway I'm confused have they aged or not, we've only seen Leonard's birthday.
  12. Does anybody see the connection between Forrest Gump and Sheldon or is that just me?
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