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  1. See this is all so interesting, as I had no clue about the reboot (not having read a comic book since my mother gave away my collection in the Great Betrayal) I'm going to give them a whirl; definitely on board for Batwoman:icon_biggrin: Sheldon will definitely have many, many opinions about this. you def should it started last november we are up to th 12th issue this month so plenty of time to catch up and get the earlyer one too :-D
  2. if you like DOVE why not pick it up again?? the new 52 hes back everything and every one is there again :-D im not saying outraged but that he would be VERY UPSET nd then ends finding something about it he likes... that wouldent be bad pub on the otherside it would make people more aware it happened (the reboot i mean) and thus very likely to increse sales from people who gave up on DC acuatly kinda like you :-D and people who dont read them to see hey it could be worth a try AND i can be with it from the begennig
  3. I really want to see how Sheldon copes with the reboot of dc comics in a episode.. in s2 e20 and especially s4 e11.. the dc universe are almost like a relegion to him... so when the WHOLE universe is changed in dc, everything is reset, nothing he read as a child is valid.. no multiverse, no infinate crysis and so on and on and on, THAT fellow nerdswould really send him off balance :-D
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