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  1. false the next person thinks the legal driving age should be raised
  2. i really want to watch carrie, hate its been put back to halloween instead of next month :/
  3. i can't wait for next weekend, celebrating my 30th!! damn im old now
  4. its supposedly spring here but im glad its still like winter
  5. false the next person takes daily vitamins
  6. yes have you ever planned a night out only to have everyone cancel?
  7. r2d2 yogurt covered banana or chocolate covered banana?
  8. don't know what that is sausage casserole
  9. gellerbing


    as you can tell from my username im a massive friends fan and nothing will ever replace it, although on big bang i have come across storylines that are very similar to friends i just think its purely coincidental
  10. thankfully no hye restricted calorie intake?
  11. 100% on the easy quiz 60% on the medium quiz 20% on the hard quiz
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